5 American Horror Story characters who need to appear in FX’s spinoff

AMERICAN HORROR STORY -- "Chutes and Ladders" Episode 502 (Airs Wednesday, October 14, 10:00 pm/ep) Pictured: Lady Gaga as the Countess. CR: Suzanne Tenner/FX
AMERICAN HORROR STORY -- "Chutes and Ladders" Episode 502 (Airs Wednesday, October 14, 10:00 pm/ep) Pictured: Lady Gaga as the Countess. CR: Suzanne Tenner/FX /

Ryan Murphy took to Instagram to announce his new American Horror Story spinoff. Here are some characters that need to make an appearance in the series.

Via an Instagram post, Ryan Murphy announced that the American Horror Story universe will be expanding with a brand new spinoff series titled, American Horror Stories. Deadline reports that the new project will be a companion series to American Horror Story, and each episode will be a standalone ghost story.

Not much more is known about Murphy’s newest project, but I’m looking forward to seeing if any well-loved characters will make a return in the spinoff; whether that be in a prominent role or as a cameo. Here are five American Horror Story characters that I would love to see again.

Misty Day (Coven)

This Stevie Nicks-inspired character was an absolute breath of fresh air in American Horror Story: Coven. When she wasn’t resurrecting herself and others, Misty spent her days meditating and dancing around to Fleetwood Mac. With her healing powers, many thought that she’d end up the Supreme. However, our favorite bohemian witch didn’t want the position.

Constance Langdon (Murder House)

Can I get a show where Jessica Lange plays every single character? The actress is an absolute talent and her Murder House character, Constance Langdon, blew me away. Langdon provides the show with several iconic scenes and quotes, making her one of the most memorable characters. With her connection to the Murder House, there are so many ways that Murphy can bring Langdon back.

The Countess (Hotel)

Is there anything that Lady Gaga has done that hasn’t been beyond amazing? Our singer-turned-actress portrays American Horror Story‘s first vampire in Hotel. With Gaga’s eccentric style and personality, she was the perfect fit for the aesthetic of the series. The Countess also has a lot of connections to other seasons, such as Charles Montgomery, the original owner of the Murder House. If Murphy decided to do any prequel episodes to AHS seasons, it’d make sense to have The Countess return.

Tate Langdon (Murder House)

In general, I would love to see American Horror Story: Murder House make a full-on return. It was AHS‘ premiere season that originally gripped me and dragged me through the other seasons, regardless of how underwhelming some of the themes were.

For me, Tate Langdon is synonymous with American Horror Story. It’s near impossible for me to think about the series, without this character’s face coming to mind. He’s charismatic, making it easy to love him, yet an obvious psychopath, making it even easier to hate him.

Twisty the Clown (Freakshow)

Clowns are well-loved in the horror genre and American Horror Story’s Twisty is near the top of the list. Twisty the Clown doesn’t just come with a nightmare-inducing appearance (that Leatherface-esque hat created with the scalps of his victims? Yikes!), he also has a tragic backstory to give his character more depth than your average clown. There so many things that I would love to see from Twisty the Clown; maybe a prequel episode? Perhaps just an episode of him terrorizing people? I’m here for it all.

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What characters would you like to see make a return in American Horror Stories? Are you looking forward to the spinoff? Let us know in the comments!