Kick back with Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman at The Last Drive-In

ISELIN, NJ - SEPTEMBER 22: Troma Films founder Lloyd Kaufman (Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images)
ISELIN, NJ - SEPTEMBER 22: Troma Films founder Lloyd Kaufman (Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images) /

Lloyd Kaufman of Troma kicks back with Joe Bob Briggs this Friday on The Last Drive-In.

The question of whether or not Briggs and Shudder would continue with the killer line-up of guests was answered with tweets from both on Monday of this week. Joe Bob posted: “Uncle Lloydie WILL be in the house—it was inevitable, right?”

“Uncle Lloydie” is, of course, Troma Entertainment co-founder/Director Lloyd Kaufman, who brought us films such as The Toxic Avenger (and its many sequels), Class of Nuke ‘Em High and Tromeo and Juliet. Naturally, if Kaufman is the guest, it stands to reason that at least one of his films will be featured on The Last Drive-In.

The question is: which film will it be? Briggs and his co-host Darcy the Mail Girl had already tweeted a hint about the featured films this week. “The first one is made by a low-budget genius who went high budget and crashed. The second one is made by unknowns who ended up with worldwide distribution.”

Joe Bob fans (known as “Mutants”) are trying their best to guess at what Kaufman film(s) will be featured, with the top choice being The Toxic Avenger.

Lloyd Kaufman is a Yale graduate who originally set out to become a social worker. Somehow, he got sidetracked into film production, and after graduating, a collaboration with John G. Avildsen (who went on to direct Rocky and The Karate Kid) resulted in several low-budget films.

In 1974, Kaufman and Michael Herz built Troma Entertainment, which specialized in comedy and action films. The Toxic Avenger came along in 1985 and quickly became Troma’s most successful film. “Toxie” spawned three sequels, a children’s television show and comic books.

Troma’s War came along in 1988, and was not nearly as popular as The Toxic Avenger or Class of Nuke ‘Em High, eventually causing the company to collapse and downsize into a smaller, independent studio. This condensed version of Troma produced the popular Tromeo and Juliet in 1996.

Lloyd Kaufman
(L-R) Filmmaker Kansas Bowling, actress Natasha Halevi and director/producer Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment. /

Troma films are beloved by fans of B-movies everywhere, so it’s expected that a lot of them will be watching Friday’s episode of The Last Drive-In.

Next. Dawn of the Dead (2004), Don’t Breathe and other action horror movies. dark

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Are you a fan of Troma films and/or The Last Drive-In? What do you think this week’s film selections will be? Let us know in the comments section.