Bow down to the King: Motorhead meets Bruce Campbell and AOD

Bruce Campbell (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
Bruce Campbell (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images) /

Bruce Campbell is the subject of another music video. This time in a pretty cool fan tribute set to the iconic Motorhead song, “King of Kings.”

Bruce Campbell is a popular subject for heavy metal music videos. This time, FDV Productions has created an epic tribute to Army of Darkness.

What better song to use then Motorhead’s “King of Kings?” Fans of WWE will recognize this as Triple H’s theme. When you think about it, Lemmy’s band works pretty well with Evil Dead.

The editing is on point and the scenes that were chosen match the hard driving music perfectly. It hammers home the sheer physicality of Ash Williams. From his taking down the she b**** with a behind the head boomstick shot to the amazing sequence in the pit with Ash catching his chainsaw in mid-air, this video is non-stop action from the opening frame.

For those admirers of Motorhead, the thrash metal group’s relentless riffs are as legendary as Sam Raimi’s trilogy. There is a raw intensity to their sound which captures Bruce Campbell’s forceful persona flawlessly.

Yes, Williams is known for his snappy one-liner comebacks but he is all business when it comes to slaying Deadites. You know the minute he sets his jaw and squints his eyes; a demon is about to bite the dust.

Even the lyrics are a perfect accompaniment to Army of Darkness. “The King took their heads. He sent them to hell.” “Bow down, to the…bow down to the King!”

This is the movie where Ash became fully transformed into the tough as nails, self-involved narcissist that we know and love. Plus, next to “Gimme some sugar, baby,” “Hail to the King,” is probably one of the most beloved and most used catchphrases ever.

As fans of Bruce Campbell and Ash Williams know, there can only be one King of Kings.

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