Halloween Kills returns home to the original Myers house

Photo: Halloween (1978).. Image Courtesy Shudder
Photo: Halloween (1978).. Image Courtesy Shudder /

Halloween Kills will return to where it all began, the iconic Myers home from John Carpenter’s 1978 film.

Halloween Kills, according to director, David Gordon Green is still in the process of being finished. Currently, the sequel to the box office smash, Halloween 2018, is set to be released on Oct. 16. However, in a tweet during the #HalloweenAtHome viewing party, Green admitted that the date might be subject to change due to “the realities of the world.”

Which given the COVID-19 situation, might be a real possibility since Hollywood is definitely shuffling picture releases as well as cancelling productions. Fans of the Carpenter franchise can take heart though, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Halloween Kills is returning to a very special location.

The original Myers house will be featured in the motion picture. This is exciting news!

We all know that canon doesn’t really apply to the series because the events of Halloween 2018 exist in the same timeline as the original from 1978. So, it makes sense to come full circle and go back to Michael’s old stomping grounds where he learned how to kill.

Will there be a huge showdown like last time? That is anyone’s guess but imagine the impact of bringing Laurie Strode back to the residence. It will more than likely conjure up painful memories.

What is interesting to note, The Los Angeles Times stated that the iconic abode is still standing in South Pasadena. Could Green have used that location in the upcoming sequel? We will just have wait and find out.

Dean Cundey, who was behind the lens on Carpenter’s 1978 production elaborated on why a city in California was a stand-in for the Midwest. The architectural style of the homes in the neighborhood was in line with the type of structures that one would see in a town like Haddonfield, Illinois.

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Be on the lookout because a Halloween Kills trailer is on the way.

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