Bruce Campbell: “The Cool Side of My Pillow” coming soon!

Bruce Campbell surprised his fans on Twitter yesterday by dropping the news that he will be releasing his collection of essays, “The Cool Side of My Pillow” in the summer.

Bruce Campbell is far from being idle during his time in quarantine. We already know he was putting the finishing touches on his script for Bruce vs Frankenstein, the sequel to My Name Is Bruce. Plus, he will be virtually hosting the awards ceremony for Ashland Independent Film Festival on June 14.

The actor is also in post-production on his comedy album, “The Lost Recordings” with his close friend, Ted Raimi. Now, fans have another project to look forward to on the horizon.

Yesterday on Twitter, Campbell responded to one of his followers who wanted to know what he should do now since he has read all three of The New York Times bestselling author’s books, twice. In addition to everything else that Bruce is working on, he revealed that another book is on its way.

The Cool Side of My Pillow” is Bruce’s collection of essays that he has been working on since the end of Ash vs Evil Dead in 2018. So, exactly what can we expect from this compilation?

For those individuals that have followed, he used to have a blog where he posted his thoughts on politics and the film industry. This venture may be closer in tone to those musings.

When we chatted with Campbell at Horrorhound in 2018, he told us that there isn’t an underlying theme to his essays. He wanted to discuss topics that he felt were “underrepresented.”

We are thinking that this work may be similar to Steve Martin’s wonderful collection of comedic reflections, “Pure Drivel.” “The Cool Side of My Pillow” will definitely make quite a few summer “Must Read” lists.

Are you looking forward to “The Cool Side of My Pillow” from Bruce Campbell? Let us know in the comments.