Bruce Campbell names Lee Cronin as director of Evil Dead Now

Bruce Campbell, Michelle Hurd and Lee Majors (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)
Bruce Campbell, Michelle Hurd and Lee Majors (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images) /

Bruce Campbell, in an interview with Empire, names Lee Cronin as the director of the latest incarnation of Evil Dead.

Bruce Campbell has revealed that the director of the latest incarnation in the Evil Dead franchise has been chosen in Empire’s July issue dedicated to cinematic heroes. Lee Cronin, who helmed the Irish horror flick, The Hole in the Ground will be behind the camera for Sam Raimi, Campbell and Rob Tapert.

As if this wasn’t enough to make fans of the seminal horror series shout, the actor had more revelations to drop. Here is what we know about the upcoming return of the Deadites.

  • It will be titled, Evil Dead Now.
  • The lead will more than likely be a female. No word on who will star so stay tuned.
  • Ash Williams will not tie in to the current story. Think of the film as a stand-alone venture.
  • Once the COVID-19 pandemic edict has been lifted, Campbell states that they will get the production out as “soon as practical,” which is contingent upon when shooting is set to begin.
  • Going forward, Bruce states that there will be different protagonists to reinforce the fact that the heroes and heroines are “regular people.”

Lee Cronin made his feature film debut in 2019 with The Hole in the Ground. He most recently directed a segment of Sam Raimi’s Quibi series, 50 States of Fright entitled, “13 Steps to Hell.” Judging from his approach to the legend of Maltby cemetery in King County, Washington, (a haunted staircase that leads you right into Satan’s lair) we think he is exactly the right person to be behind the camera of the reboot of Evil Dead.


As for future plans for Bruce Campbell, fans can expect a book of essays, “The Cool Side of My Pillow,” to arrive sometime in the summer.

Have you seen The Hole in the Ground? Are you looking forward to Evil Dead Now? Let us know in the comments.