Halloween Kills RUMOR: Is a Dr. Loomis cameo on the way?

English stage and film actor Donald Pleasance (1919 - 1994). (Photo by Mike Moore/Getty Images)
English stage and film actor Donald Pleasance (1919 - 1994). (Photo by Mike Moore/Getty Images) /

Halloween Kills could feature the return of a certain beloved character. Is there any truth to the rumor that Dr. Loomis might appear in a cameo?

Halloween Kills had a test screening in Los Angeles back in February according to DU-HD which caused quite a stir and got the rumor mill churning. It would appear that a certain beloved character from the franchise might be returning.

We want to make this perfectly clear. This isn’t a done deal (that we know of) and is more than likely speculation. That being said, it could happen.

Supposedly, Halloween Kills will feature a flashback to the original 1978 film with Michael Myers. Which could mean that there is a very real possibility that Dr. Loomis could show up. Arrow in the Head reports that David Gordon Green wanted to include him in Halloween 2018.

The director wanted to reshoot the ending of the original movie and have Myers kill Loomis. Of course, John Carpenter jumped in and talked Green out of doing the scene and rightly so. Loomis is a fan favorite. To off him wouldn’t have set well with audiences.

With today’s technology, there are a variety of ways that Dr. Loomis could appear again even though the brilliant Donald Pleasence has passed away. Original footage from 1978 could be inserted into Halloween Kills.

Another route could be the utilization of CGI which is what they did in The Rise of Skywalker to include the deceased Carrie Fisher. Green could always take a page from Sam Raimi and employ the “Fake Shemp” approach where he could shoot a body double from behind and dub the voice.


Audiences will find out whether or not Loomis returns when Halloween Kills hits theaters on Oct. 16.

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