Reasons to watch Ghostbusters doc, Cleanin’ Up the Town

HOLLYWOOD, CA - The Ecto-1 (Photo by Barry King/Getty Images)
HOLLYWOOD, CA - The Ecto-1 (Photo by Barry King/Getty Images) /

Cleanin’ Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters will be premiering on Crackle on Thursday, June 18. Here are the reasons why fans need to watch this celebration of the beloved paranormal comedy.

Cleanin’ Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters, a documentary from Anthony and Claire Bueno, will be heading to Crackle on Thursday, June 18. For fans of this beloved paranormal comedy, this film is a must-see.

With Ghostbusters: Afterlife set for March 5, 2021, the Bueno’s production would be great to revisit before taking in the latest chapter of the franchise. If you enjoy behind the scenes takes on popular culture phenomena this effort is worth the watch.

What can audiences expect from Cleanin’ Up the Town?

Exclusive interviews with Ivan Reitman, Dan Aykroyd, the late, great Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson.

  • Everyone knows that Dan Aykroyd is into psychic research. For years, he hosted a popular program on Canadian television called, Psi Factor which was about the supernatural case files of a fictional government agency called, Office of Scientific Investigation and Research or OSIR.
  • Ghostbusters was based on the otherworldly investigations of the grandfather of paranormal research, Hans Holzer. According to the actor, he thought that basing his film on documented events coupled with a good old-fashioned ghost story would be something exciting and different to do. The result was a box office success that grossed over $221 million in 1984.

Insights from Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis

  • Harold Ramis felt that they were making something special and that they were going to “carve out a little niche” in film history. Ivan Reitman and Annie Potts felt there was nothing like Ghostbusters and that it was funny and fresh. Which it was at the time. No one thought to make a comedy from a legitimate spooky subject like life after death. Cleanin’ Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters will make fans feel as if they are actually chatting with the principles from the film.

Special FX gurus discuss Slimer, Stay Puft and The Terror Dogs

  • Steve Johnson and Randall William Cook talk about the challenges of creating two of the most memorable characters from the movie. Slimer was apparently a source of contention because there were quite a few issues with his appearance. The Terror Dogs had the same problems.
  • Another fun fact comes from Diana Allen Williams who reveals that when people were exhausted, they went to sleep on the layers of foam used to create the Stay Puft marshmallow man. Also, Ernie Hudson discusses the Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters’ amazing vehicle which is a character in and of itself.


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