The Luring: Psychological break down or haunted house?

The Luring. Image Courtesy Summer Hill Entertainment
The Luring. Image Courtesy Summer Hill Entertainment /

Summerhill Entertainment dropped the trailer for The Luring yesterday and it looks pretty spooky.

Described as a psychological thriller, The Luring tells the story of Garrett, played by Rick Irwin. Garrett had a traumatic experience at his family’s Vermont vacation home when he was ten years old, and was institutionalized as a result.

As an adult, the incident still haunts him, but the problem is that he can’t remember what happened. As a way to move on in his life, Garrett makes the decision to return to the scene of his lost childhood memory, bringing his wife/girlfriend with him (it’s not really clear from the trailer what exactly she is to Garrett).

Judging by the trailer (which you can watch at the end of this article), some pretty creepy things start to happen in and around the house. We see a woman wearing a mask, and a kid walking around with a red balloon, and as we know from watching IT, a red balloon is never a good sign.

As calm, peaceful and charming as the location is, there is also the requisite warning from a local that all may not be as it seems. While Garrett and his lady are at a bowling alley, she comments that they area is so beautiful and peaceful, at which the creepy looking proprietor stares at her with dead eyes and comments, “Beautiful and peaceful? Yeah…I guess you could say that.” But, he says it with no sincerity, so I think we are safe in assuming that it’s a warning of sorts.

The Luring
The Luring. Image Courtesy Summer Hill Entertainment /

The entire trailer looks very unsettling, and definitely doesn’t give too much away. What the heck is going on here? Are the images we see memories, or are they ghosts? Is this a haunted house flick? I am personally intrigued enough to check it out, and I love any horror movie that includes kids.

The Luring is written, directed and produced by Christopher Wells, who has mainly produced short films up to this point. According to IMDb, the picture was filmed at his family’s vacation home in Vermont, and features artwork created by his father.

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The Luring is available on DVD, and can also be streamed on Amazon Prime for a rental fee.

Are you interested in watching The Luring? What are your impressions of the trailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.