Shudder: Sleepaway Camp and other genre films to celebrate in July

Photo: In Search of Darkness: The Definitive '80s Horror Documentary.. Image Courtesy CreatorVC
Photo: In Search of Darkness: The Definitive '80s Horror Documentary.. Image Courtesy CreatorVC /
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Sleepaway Camp
The Pool. Image Courtesy Shudder /

With most 4th of July events cancelled, Shudder is giving horror fans something to celebrate from the safety of their homes like Sleepaway Camp and more!

Shudder has pulled out all the stops for July, bringing us two bingeworthy franchises (Sleepaway Camp  and Maniac Cop), some other 80’s classics and a highly anticipated horror documentary. Add a couple of Ozploitation films to the list and you have a month worth celebrating.

July 1:

The Burning – In this 1981 film, caretaker Cropsy is pranked by the campers at Camp Blackfoot. As a result, he is seriously burned, and seeks revenge on young people at another camp nearby, with his trusty shears in hand. The Burning was the film debut for Jason Alexander, Holly Hunter and Fisher Stevens, and Tom Savini worked on the special makeup and effects.

Return of the Living Dead – Dan O’Bannon’s 1985 classic horror comedy tells the story of toxic gas that causes the dead to rise. And, of course, they are hungry for braaaiiiinnnns.

Sleepaway Camp – By now, everyone knows the classic tale of poor, traumatized Angela, who is sent to sleepaway camp with her cousin Ricky. Soon, the mean campers who enjoy bullying Angela start to meet grisly (but creative) ends. But, who is the killer? Beloved genre icon Felissa Rose made her film debut in this fun horror flick, which features one of the most shocking endings of its time.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers – Pamela Springsteen takes over as Angela in this sequel, set six years after the events in Sleepaway Camp. Somehow, Angela is allowed to work as a camp counselor, and she “punishes” naughty campers in typical Angela style.

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland – Crazy Angela (again played by Springsteen) is at it again, roaming through the woods and killing off teenagers at a camp.

Sleepaway Camp
Metamorphosis. Image Courtesy Shudder /

July 2:

Metamorphosis (Shudder Original) – An exorcist named Joong-Su works to defeat a demon who has targeted his brother’s family. The demon can change forms at will and causes chaos within the family.

July 6:

Jeruzalem – This 2015 Israeli horror movie was filmed on a budget of $160,000. Two Americans on vacation join a dashing anthropology student on a trip to Jerusalem, and find themselves in the midst of an apocalypse.

July 9:

The Beach House (Shudder Original) – When Emily and Randall plan a romantic stay at a beach house, they don’t expect to end up sharing time and space with another couple. Worse yet, an environmental infection begins to take hold, and the couples must fight to survive.

Sleepaway Camp
The Beach House. Image Courtesy Shudder /

July 13:

Maniac Cop – Matt Cordell, a cop turned serial killer terrorizes the streets of New York City, while being hunted by three NYC police officers. Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell play two of the cops, so that’s enough to entice me to watch this flick.

Maniac Cop 2 – The Maniac Cop is back, once again wreaking havoc on the Big Apple. Several original cast members returned for this direct-to-video sequel.

Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence – Matt Cordell is brought back to life by a voodoo priest. When a female police officer is wrongly accused of killing an innocent store clerk, Cordell seeks revenge on those responsible.

July 16:

Lake of Death (Shudder Original) – After Lillian’s twin brother dies under mysterious circumstances, she and some friends visit her family’s cabin to bid him farewell. As always happens at cabins in the woods, some bad stuff starts to go down, and Lillian has to fight to stay alive.