Bruce Campbell: Catch his Last Fan Standing game show on AFE today!

Bruce Campbell (Photo by Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images)
Bruce Campbell (Photo by Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images) /

Bruce Campbell is bringing his Last Fan Standing pop culture trivia show to Armed Forces Entertainment for their Homegrown series.

Bruce Campbell traveled overseas last year with his game show, Last Fan Standing to bring holiday cheer to all the men and women serving our country. Armed Forces Entertainment sponsored his tour.

In an exclusive interview with us prior to his departure, he talked about how he became involved with the organization that has been entertaining our troops for over six decades since its inception during World War II. The actor made a well-publicized trip to Iraq with his Burn Notice castmate, Jeffrey Donovan in 2009. This was his first contact with AFE and then in 2014, he met his future LFS collaborator, Steve Sellery at the Sam Houston Base in San Antonio.

Sellery is the creator of Last Fan Standing. Originally, the venture was called, Quest for the Best and was aimed at entertaining the military. However, when Campbell and Sellery did a show together at Camp Lejeune, Bruce saw the potential to also turn it into a geek culture trivia show that could be played at pop culture conventions and other live venues.

Last year, the two men brought LFS to Camp Casey in South Korea, Suwon Air Base, Camp Humphreys and Naval Base Guam. Now, AFE is bringing the re-release of three original episodes to their Homegrown series on their website starting today!

Now, fans of Bruce Campbell can catch those events at the following link. If you have never seen LFS, check out their official YouTube channel where you can watch several competitions like this:


Be sure and bookmark Armed Forces Entertainment so that you don’t miss the re-release of Last Fan Standing .

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