Danny Hicks: Fan favorite Evil Dead II actor has passed away

Danny Hicks portrait by artist Gianni Crivello. Image provided by Emanuele Crivello
Danny Hicks portrait by artist Gianni Crivello. Image provided by Emanuele Crivello /

Danny Hicks, perennial fan favorite actor, well known for his turns in Sam Raimi films like Evil Dead II and Darkman passed away today.

Veteran actor, Danny Hicks lost his battle with cancer today. He was 68 years old. To his legion of fans, this news is definitely a blow and one that will ripple throughout the Evil Dead fan communities.

Upon hearing the news from Full Empire Productions, his followers immediately took to Facebook to express their condolences and recount favorite memories of when they met the thespian at conventions. Danny wasn’t your typical celebrity. He personally interacted with his admirers which is one of the many things that set him apart from his colleagues.

Cinephiles everywhere know that he was one of Sam Raimi’s go-to crew. From the beloved redneck, Jake in Evil Dead II to Skip in Darkman not to mention his turns in Easy Wheels, Spider-Man 2 and Oz The Great and Powerful, he could always be counted on to liven up any scene that he was in.

Of course, one of his best performances was in Scott Spiegel’s slasher masterpiece, Intruder. As Bill Roberts, he was so convincing that he turned a supermarket into his own personal Camp Crystal Lake. This film still resonates with horror aficionados over three decades later.

Danny also made an indelible impression as the Dirt Farmer in his close friend, Bruce Campbell’s hilarious self-parody, My Name Is Bruce. He also provided his voice for the audiobook and was the inspiration for Campbell’s character of Lanny Sticks in the actor’s novel, Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way.

Hicks was also respected by his peers for his craftsmanship and his professionalism. Both Campbell and his Evil Dead II co-star, Kassie DePaiva (Bobby Jo) paid tribute to their friend on Twitter.

For those of you that didn’t know, Danny was also a musician and singer. Here is a video of him performing, “The Ballad of Jake & Bobby Joe” with his band, The Tim-O & Danny Hicks Brain Invasion.

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We here at 1428 Elm extend our condolences to Danny’s family and friends. He was truly one of the best. He shall be missed…

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