Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers encourage mask wearing


Jamie Lee Curtis takes to Twitter to encourage the continuation of wearing masks with a little help from her “nemesis,” Michael Myers.

Jamie Lee Curtis is used to masks. Let’s just say, its part of her job as an actress. For over four decades, she has been terrorized by “The Shape” a.k.a. Michael Myers in the Halloween franchise.

In a way, it is really odd how life imitates art. Now, unfortunately, wearing masks is a part of our everyday lives thanks to COVID-19.

As more venues open up throughout the country, social distancing will still be observed along with the practicing of CDC protocols to ensure that everyone is able to have fun in a safe manner.

In a recent tweet, Curtis posted a photo of herself wearing a Michael mask to encourage her fans to be cautious citing the current uptick in coronavirus cases. She even joked about her “nemesis,” who will once again be her ultimate foe in the upcoming, Halloween Kills.

While the latest installment in the John Carpenter franchise is on track to open in theaters on Oct. 16, Blumhouse hasn’t released a trailer as of yet. The reason behind this move is very simple.

The landscape is forever changing and with some theaters postponing re-opening, (AMC has decided to wait until the end of this month) Jason Blum is airing on the side of caution by waiting on giving fans a sneak peek until they are assured that Halloween Kills will get a theatrical run.

In other words, it is a waiting game. Until then, fans of Jamie Lee Curtis can always revisit her performances in the franchise online.


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