Lake Michigan Monster: Black and white horror on the high seas

Lake Michigan Monster. Image Courtesy Arrow Video Channel
Lake Michigan Monster. Image Courtesy Arrow Video Channel /

Lake Michigan Monster, a new black and white feature about horror on the high seas will hold its virtual premiere on July 31. Get nautical with this irreverent homage to Moby Dick.

Lake Michigan Monster is one of those fun throwback films to a bygone era. If you think black and white B movie horror classic from the 1950’s, you would be absolutely correct.

Writer, director and star of this irreverent homage to Moby Dick, Ryland Brickson Cole Tews has created a bizarre world full of oddball characters and situations. Tews portrays Captain Seafield, a man with a Ahab complex who is hell-bent on avenging his father’s death. So, he goes on a quest to find the elusive sea creature that was responsible for the tragedy.

Of course, he has to recruit the pre-requisite band of eccentrics to accompany him on his journey. Sean Shaughnessy is the resident weapons expert who can assist Seafield with the proper tools for killing the behemoth. Then there is sonar proficient, Nedge Pepsi and N.A.V.Y. (Nautical Athletes and Venture Yunit) officer, Dick Flynn rounding out the team.

Seafield becomes a man obsessed and is on the edge of losing his mind. Will his cohorts be able to save him from himself?

You will be able to answer that question on July 31 when Altavod hosts a 24-hour virtual premiere for Lake Michigan Monster. Get to know the talent behind this unique outing with a pre-recorded Q & A session with Ryland Tews, Beulah Peters and Mike Cheslik.

To purchase tickets for the debut showing click on this link.

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Arrow Video Channel and Digital HD will be streaming Lake Michigan Monster on Aug. 3 in the U.K. and the U.S.

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