Did Apollo 7 witness a green UFO hovering over earth?

Apollo 7 -Artist NASA. (Photo by Heritage Space/Heritage Images via Getty Images)
Apollo 7 -Artist NASA. (Photo by Heritage Space/Heritage Images via Getty Images) /

A UFO was supposedly photographed by the crew of Apollo 7 in 1968. Are aliens observing our planet?

A UFO was allegedly captured on film by the crew of Apollo 7 in 1968. The picture is located on NASA’s website, Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth and can be viewed at this link.

When you first observe this beautiful image of our planet, you will notice in the distance, a speck of light. The location of this Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) is Galveston Bay which is found in the western Gulf of Mexico. It is interesting to note that the Gulf area is known to be a hotspot for sightings of unusual crafts.

According to Express UK, ufologist, Scott Waring of ET Database claims that the photo is proof that aliens are observing us. This isn’t a new school of thought, in fact, physicist Enrico Fermi believed that with as expansive as our universe is, there is bound to be other civilizations out there that are more advanced than ours. So, it could stand to reason that they might visit us from time to time.

In order to prove his case that the distant object in the NASA capture is not from this world, Waring added contrast and tried to focus in on the area more. These actions resulted in giving more definition to the greenish UFO.

It is interesting to note that there appears to be a mist of some sort trailing behind the UAP. As much as everyone would like to prove the existence of extraterrestrials, this anomaly that appears to be otherworldly may be “space dandruff.”

Former NASA engineer and Discovery Channel staple, James Oberg believes that this type of image is more than likely “bits of chipped paint or flakes of ice drifting aimlessly in zero gravity.” While that is probably the explanation for this alleged spacecraft sighting, the green glow is intriguing.


Do you think Apollo 7 captured a UFO or is it “space dandruff?” Let us know in the comments.