Michael Myers stars in Quaranteen: The night he stayed home

Photo: Halloween (1978). Image Courtesy Shudder
Photo: Halloween (1978). Image Courtesy Shudder /

Michael Myers has been trying to stay busy since being sidelined due to COVID-19. Quaranteen, a fun video spoof takes a look at the horror icon behind closed doors.

Michael Myers is apparently having a rough go of it. What is a horror icon to do when he can’t go out and terrorize his sister, Laurie, because of COVID-19?

We have seen how Jamie Lee Curtis has been spending her time, hosting a watch party for fans of Halloween 2018 with Jason Blum and director David Gordon Green, plus promoting social distancing and wearing masks utilizing her favorite onscreen nemesis. So, how is “The Shape” handling the lockdown?

That is the premise of the hilarious video, Quaranteen from genre favorite actor Dave Sheridan, and his friend, Bryan Daniels. In the past, the pair have collaborated on an entertainment podcast known as Dave and Creech.

Followers of Sheridan will recognize him as The Killer/Doofy in Scary Movie. He has also appeared as Officer Ray Dobson in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects, Dillon in Victor Crowley and Mike in director Harrison Smith’s upcoming dark, cautionary tale, The Special.

Of course, Quaranteen is a behind the scenes look into killer, Michael Myers’ life now that he can no longer stalk and chase his sister around with a knife. How does he fill his days?

As one might expect, drawing pumpkin faces, making JELL-O pudding and trying to face time his favorite target.


It’s okay, Michael. You will be back to work soon, if Blumhouse has its way. Halloween Kills is tentatively set to release in theaters on Oct. 16.

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