Child’s Play: Everything we noticed in the TV series official trailer

Photo: Child's Play 2.. © 2020 Universal Studios. All rights reserved
Photo: Child's Play 2.. © 2020 Universal Studios. All rights reserved /

Don Mancini dropped the first official trailer for his upcoming Child’s Play TV series yesterday on Instagram. Chucky’s back and here are a few things we noticed.

Child’s Play is back. A year after the reboot hit theaters, finally, Don Mancini has revealed the first trailer for his upcoming TV series based on the franchise he created 32 years ago.

Of course, the internet went wild because fans have been waiting for their old friend to return since they heard about the project in January. According to the description in IMDb, apparently, Chucky is purchased at a yard sale. Naturally, murders start happening in the quiet suburb and lives are turned upside down.

Entertainment Weekly reveals that the doll’s origins may come into play. Which will be fascinating to explore, no doubt. That being said, here are a few things we noticed in the trailer.

The opening shot of Child’s Play tracks down an aisle of what might be a thrift store. For whatever reason, Goodwill immediately sprang to mind or another outlet like it.

Although judging from the people walking outside, it could be a pawn shop in a downtown area. Was Chucky originally purchased there and then sold at the yard sale?

We see our little buddy standing near the door, in the shadows with his trademark knife raised as if to stab someone. That’s the Chucky we know and love.

Maniacal laughter can be heard toward the end of the trailer. It’s clear that it is none other than Brad Dourif himself. He is listed in the credits on IMDb and so is Jennifer Tilly.

I guess we can infer that Tiffany is definitely showing up in some capacity for Season 1 of the show. What we do know is that originally it was thought that SyFy would be the only network carrying it but USA is now in the mix.

That is a smart move on Mancini’s part because fans will be able to find his series because it won’t be on some obscure cable network or platform. The only thing that is worrisome is that SyFy is quick to unload horror fare from their schedule like Z Nation and the cult favorite, Channel Zero.

2021 is when Child’s Play is set to air. At present, there are no other details to divulge but probably the closer we get to next year, the more revelations will take place. Maybe Halloween might yield another trailer or more information.


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