Evil Dead Rise director Lee Cronin nominated for IFTA Award


Lee Cronin, who will be behind the camera for the upcoming Evil Dead Rise has been nominated for an Irish Film & Drama Award for Best Director for his first feature, The Hole in the Ground.

Lee Cronin, the director of the forthcoming Evil Dead Rise has been nominated for an Irish Film & Drama Award for Best Director for his debut feature, The Hole in the Ground. 2020 is certainly looking like a decent year, careerwise for the up and coming multi-talented artist.

His work is being recognized in the following IFTA categories:

  • Best Film 2019
  • Best Director
  • Actress in a Lead Role Film: Seána Kerslake
  • Cinematography: Tom Comerford
  • Production Design: Conor Dennison
  • Editing: Colin Campbell
  • Original Music: Stephen McKeon

The Hole in the Ground is a terrifying story about single mother, Sarah O’Neill and her son, Chris who starts exhibiting weird behavior. This leads her to believe that he may not even be her boy anymore. She attributes this change in his personality to an odd sinkhole that has developed in the woods behind their home.

In a recent interview with IFTN, Cronin revealed that his inspirations for his production were classic horror films citing Rosemary’s Baby, The Wicker Man and The Shining. He also found that playing the late Ennio Morricone’s score from The Thing helped to set the mood and tone among the crew when he was shooting The Hole in the Ground.

Interesting to note, one of his directorial influences is none other than Sam Raimi. One could almost say that his first film feels like an Evil Dead movie.

He even admitted that his father showed him Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 when he was 9 years old. Sounds like he is the perfect candidate to take the franchise into the future.

According to Evil Dead Rise producer Bruce Campbell, the young talent has been hard at work crafting the script for the feature which is totally creepy, modern and will take place in an urban setting.

It will be interesting to see where and how the Necronomicon comes into play with his installment in the franchise.

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