SDCC 2020: When can fans see TWD, FTWD, and WB?

Behind the scenes: The Walking Dead 707. Photo credit: Rosemary Rodriguez
Behind the scenes: The Walking Dead 707. Photo credit: Rosemary Rodriguez /

Last time we checked in with TWD and its offshoots, things were looking bleak for new episodes in 2020. But some recent SDCC reveals should please fans.

Last time we checked in with The Walking Dead and its offshoot series, TWD: World Beyond and Fear the Walking Dead, the outlook wasn’t overly positive for new episodes in 2020. But it looks like recent confirmation out of SDCC has some good news for fans of AMC’s undead multiverse.

Deadline recapped the details from a recent SDCC panel. The Season 10 finale for TWD will air on Oct. 4 and fans can expect to see an extra six episodes in 2021.

While no additional details were given regarding these “extra” episodes, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more sooner rather than later. It will be curious to see what these additional shows could be, with a proper Season 11 on hiatus due to the pandemic. A contained micro-narrative or spin-off with some unlikely characters? Time will tell.

With the snowball effect the Coronavirus has had on television and film production, it was perhaps unsurprising that the immediate future for FearTWD also seemed bleaker than the show’s fictional apocalyptic scenario.

However, in another SDCC panel reveal, the sixth season of FearTWD will premiere on October 11.

So, despite the fact that FearTWD has traditionally aired in late spring or mid-summer, the extenuating circumstances leading to a belated new season is likely preferable to the season being grounded altogether.

And what of the latest, yet-unseen offshoot of TWDWorld Beyond? As it turns out, this will also see light of day before year’s end. The series will premiere as an “outro” to TWD on October 4, so fans will have uninterrupted undead fulfillment.

As amazing as it seems, October – the socially-accepted month where ghouls tend to thrive – will be upon us soon enough. So perhaps these schedule changes will hit the sweet-meat spot for those looking for their autumnal zombie fix.


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