Crackle: The Sonata, Virtuosity and other chillers for a steamy August

The Sonata, Virtuosity and other chillers are on tap for August on Crackle, the free streaming network. If you are in the mood to be scared, you have come to the right place.

The Sonata features the late Rutger Hauer in one of his final performances. It is a haunted house story with dark implications.

Musician Rose Fisher (Freya Tingley) inherits a spooky Victorian mansion from her deceased father (Hauer). Soon after moving in, she starts finding odd symbols and other unnerving clues which prove that the famous conductor may have had a secret, sinister obsession.

For fans of the Blade Runner star, The Sonata will definitely be a must-see production. It premieres on Aug. 1 on AVOD on the network.

Russell Crowe first captured attention in the U.S. for his portrayal of Cort in Sam Raimi’s The Quick and the Dead in 1995. Weirdly enough, he portrayed a virtual serial killer in a Denzel Washington movie that same year that went unnoticed.

The Sonata

Virtuosity. Image Courtesy Crackle

Virtuosity was an interesting Brett Leonard film featuring Washington as an ex-cop named Parker Barnes who is doing time. When the Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Centre creates SID 6.7 (Crowe), a V.R. entity that is a composite of 150 serial murderers, they need prisoners to be part of a test group before they unleash the training on new police recruits.

Of course, there is a glitch in the matrix and SID becomes self-aware and escapes the game by taking over an android. Now, Barnes is the only one that can bring him to justice. Catch this Crowe/Washington production on Aug. 1.

The Sonata

Image Courtesy Crackle

Here is a list of the other chillers available to stream this Aug:

  • Being Human
  • Alien Hunter
  • Awakening the Zodiac
  • Death Tunnel
  • Ellipse
  • Extinction
  • Feed
  • Ghost Squad
  • I Know Who Killed Me
  • Isle of the Dead
  • John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars
  • Phantasm: Ravager
  • The Brotherhood of Satan
  • The Cottage
  • The Devil’s Tomb
  • The Eyes of Laura Mars
  • The Forsaken
  • The Glass Coffin
  • The Werewolf
  • Woke Up Dead
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Crackle is available in the U.S. and can be accessed on Amazon FireTV, RokuTV, Apple TV, Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Vizio), gaming consoles (PS4 and XBoxOne), Plex, on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as on desktops at the Crackle website.

What is your favorite on this Crackle list? Will you be tuning into The Sonata? Let us know in the comments.

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