Robert Englund: Is a “Nightmare” signature coffee in the works?

Robert Englund (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)
Robert Englund (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images) /

Robert Englund announced on Twitter yesterday that Dead Sled Coffee was going to let him have a signature java blend. We can only imagine what he will have in store for us.

Robert Englund is going to be extending his brand to coffee. Hey, if David Lynch can do it, so can he. According to the actor, Dead Sled Coffee offered him the chance to create his own signature brew.

This news is definitely exciting. At 1428 Elm, we are dedicated java drinkers so there is no doubt in our minds that his fans would enthusiastically support this venture.

For anyone that is familiar with Dead Sled’s elixir, you know they are all about horror. How can you not love a company that has coffees named for Eric Draven, Vampira and Vincent Price?

Not to mention the fact they have a “Mourning” blend as well as a “Wisdom in Chains” custom brew. If you follow their website, then you know that the company also has a blog where you can get the recipe for a chocolate cold brew martini (YUM!) and they also have a podcast.

The next question that springs to mind, is what signature brew would work for Robert Englund? Of course, we are thinking espresso, to keep everyone awake and alert.


Perhaps it could be called Robert Englund’s “Nightmare,” guaranteed to slay you. Or maybe Freddy’s “Welcome to Prime Time, B****!” Dark Roast. Whatever the actor ends up concocting will almost assuredly be a hit.

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