What can we expect from The Good Things Devils Do?

Kane Hodder (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for WarnerMedia)
Kane Hodder (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for WarnerMedia) /

The Good Things Devils Do reunites horror legends, Kane Hodder, Linnea Quigley and Bill Oberst, Jr. in an epic fight for their lives against an ancient evil.

The Good Things Devils Do is a horror lovers dream. Gravitas Ventures latest offering has everything genre aficionados want in a movie and more.

Bill Oberst, Jr. is Richard, a con who wants to live a quiet life. Unfortunately, before he can do that, he gets suckered into performing one last job.

It seems fairly simple. All he needs to do is steal some money from a rival thief’s house and he is free to do what he wants.

Of course, this is a horror film so nothing will go according to plan. Little does he know that his world is going to change and he will become embroiled in a life and death struggle with pure evil.

He is also on a collision course with a stranger named Melvin. When we see Melvin for the first time, he is enthralling the kids in his neighborhood with a teaser for his upcoming Halloween show.

It would appear that he is a collector of macabre items. In particular, the bones of a creature known as “Masquerade,” who is a vampire that has been slumbering for an eternity.

Meanwhile, Richard is figuring out his next step in the robbery that he is undertaking with his partner in crime, his daughter. He also has another associate, a loose cannon named Percy (Kane Hodder).

This man has no morals. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. If he has to kill someone, then so be it.

One thing leads to another and Richard, his daughter and Percy are thrown together with Melvin the horror curator and a woman named Louise (Linnea Quigley). All of them have a bigger problem than a botched heist.

Masquerade has awakened from her deep sleep and she is thirsty for blood. Who will survive against this ancient evil?

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The Good Things Devils Do is available On Demand and DVD.

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