Locke & Key: When will Season 2 resume production?

LOCKE & KEY - Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix
LOCKE & KEY - Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix /

The pandemic halted Season 2 of Netflix’s Locke & Key, but good news for fans of the Joe Hill comics adaptation: production’s set to resume this month!

2020 started with the question of how (or if) our most anticipated movies and shows would find their way to viewers within the New Pandemic Normal (with many completed projects still hanging out in distribution limbo). Now, as movie theaters in the United States begin to cautiously open their doors, film and TV production is also coming out of its forced hibernation. The latest series to resume production? Netflix’s Locke & Key.

Deadline summarizes the plan for the show’s sophomore season:

"“…filming will resume on September 21 at Cinespace Film Studios in Toronto, Canada. The plan is to film through to the end of March for the second season…“"

This news should please fans of the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez comic-book series, especially after it was revealed that the TV adaptation of Hill’s NOS4A2 would not be renewed for a third season at AMC.

Locke & Key resuming production might be seen as a vote of confidence for the entertainment industry overall: with a several-month shooting schedule paving the way for the second season, one hopes the on-set safety protocols are up to standard. (Though it bears noting that Canada has been proactive in curbing the spread of COVID-19.)

Netflix itself is a largely unpredictable entity when it comes to which series will be renewed after getting that precarious green light. Heck, if one of the most successful film and TV Kickstarters of all time (Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return), couldn’t yield more than 2 seasons on the streaming service, it’s a surprise when any other series makes it that far.

Perhaps aiding in the streaming titan’s decision to continue with Locke & Key is its youth-focused cast and storyline. After all, the tween-centered Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is approaching its fourth season, and the juggernaut Stranger Things is being mooted for another go-’round of retro-minded sci-fi homage.

As of yet, there is no projected premiere date in sight for Locke & Key. Stay tuned for more information…

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