The Phenomenon: Why are UFOs visiting us? What do they want?

The Phenomenon is a brand-new documentary from James Fox that explores the history of UFO cover-ups around the world as well as looking for answers to the questions: why are aliens visiting us and what do they want?

The Phenomenon is a documentary from the mind of James Fox dealing with UFOs and the government’s ongoing efforts to cover-up their existence. Fox is well known for the History Channel film,  I Know What I Saw, which featured detailed reports of alien crafts and investigations into the sightings by analysts and experts.

According to Deadline, veteran actor Peter Coyote, who appeared in Steven Spielberg’s, ET the Extra-Terrestrial, narrates the production. The Phenomenon contains testimonies from “high-ranking government officials” including President Clinton, John Podesta and Senator Harry Reid.

Audiences will have access to never seen before UFO footage. Also covered, the hard-hitting revelation of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification (AATIP) program in The New York Times by journalist Leslie Kean. The now famous declassified Navy fighter jet videos of the “Tic-Tac” and “Gimbal” incidences are mentioned, as well.

There have been sightings of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAPs) that can be traced back to Biblical times. In The Spaceships of Ezekiel, it is believed that the “wheel” that he describes so thoroughly is in fact, a UFO. NASA rocket engineer, Josef Blumrich, constructed a blueprint of what that ancient otherworldly craft might have looked like based on the prophet’s account in the Scriptures.

If UFOs have been visiting us for thousands of years, what do they want? What are they searching for? Is there a message that they are trying to impart to us? Will we ever find out?

The Phenomenon is a 1091 Media production and will be released on digital platforms on Oct. 6.

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