The Walking Dead to expand universe with Twitch channel

The Walking Dead is expanding its media reach with a new Twitch channel despite the fact that the main series is coming to an end in 2022.

Twitch started life as social media for gamers. Now, like almost everything that gains a modicum of popularity in the online arena, it is looking to expand its reach across platforms to integrate new kinds of content. In some not really surprising news, AMC’s zombie behemoth, The Walking Dead, will be sinking its rotted teeth into this brave new world.

Deadline summarizes the plan as follows:

AMC…will produce live original programming with fans able to interact via Twitch… TWDUniverse will start with around 12 hours of original content a week. [This] will start streaming Sunday, Sept. 20 with a live show, a ‘Watchalong’ during episode premieres and an ongoing conversation through midnight.”

With recent news that The Walking Dead would be ending after an extended final season, but live on via a number of offshoots for screens big and small, it makes a certain amount of sense that AMC would explore new realms (and revenue streams) of keeping the show fresh and vital.

After all, TWD has one of the most devoted fan bases I’ve ever seen for any horror property. I can imagine this news will strike a chord in many looking to interact with the creatives in front of and behind the camera, and also fellow fans around the world. Television is great, but it’s a one-way street when it comes to interactivity.

In any case, the The Walking Dead Universe channel has the following events scheduled, so mark your calendars:

  • Launch Party: Sunday, September 20
  • The Walking Dead Catch Up: Sunday, September 20
  • Re-Watching Dead: Thursday, September 24
  • World Beyond Celebration (name pending): Sunday, September 27
  • TWD Sundays: Sunday, October 4

The above-mentioned events will consist of the channel hosts acquainting viewers with what to expect, explorations of existing episodes including “interviews, behind-the-scenes moments, and interactive segments,” and satiating the obvious excitement regarding the new offshoot series, World Beyond.

TWD Sundays will give fans the opportunity to discuss the previous week’s episode, watch and discuss the latest episode in real time, and commiserate about it even further after the premiere of Talking Dead. Set to begin at 7:30pm, this venture will boast “four hours of continuous streaming content each week.”

I think even the flesh-hungry zombie hordes would consider that quite a feast.

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