Float with Pennywise and Freddy this Halloween at Home Depot

Pennywise (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
Pennywise (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images) /

Pennywise and Freddy can terrorize your neighborhood thanks to Home Depot and their exclusive Fright Flicks Collection.

Pennywise and Freddy together sounds like a future horrific nightmare flick that will become the next Blumhouse franchise. All kidding aside, since Halloween is right around the corner, Home Depot has your cure for the COVID-19 blues.

Granted, the 2020 season is going to be strange but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in your own way. The top retail chain has your back when it comes to holiday decorations.

For those homeowners that love to create the ultimate spooky experience for their neighborhood, you can now order 6 feet tall animated replicas of the demonic clown from Stephen King’s IT and Wes Craven’s razor gloved fiend. If that isn’t scary enough, these life size figures talk.

The hellish Pennywise will tell you that he can “Smell their fear,” while emitting a maddening cackle. In his signature gravelly voice, Freddy says, “You’re mine now!”

In addition to those two horror icons, genre fans will be happy to know that animated versions of Jack Skellington and Sally from Tim Burton’s brilliant, The Nightmare before Christmas are also available. Since Ghostbusters: After Life will be hitting theaters in 2021, why not celebrate now by adding Slimer in the Ecto-1 to your decorative mix?

If you enjoyed Disney/Pixar’s heartwarming family comedy, Coco, then you will be thrilled to know that there is a 6-foot inflatable display of Miguel and his lovable dog, Dante. Even Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors is featured.

Next. Stephen King's IT. dark

There are so many other festive decorations to enjoy. Prices range from $14.98 to $213.39. For more information visit homedepot.com.

Are you a Pennywise fan or a Freddy follower? What is your favorite franchise? Let us know which animated figure you would buy in the comments.