Joe Bob Briggs: Shock City is about to hit Los Angeles

Photo: Darcy the Mail Girl in The Last Drive-In.. Image Courtesy Shudder
Photo: Darcy the Mail Girl in The Last Drive-In.. Image Courtesy Shudder /

Joe Bob Briggs fans in the Los Angeles area have a real treat coming up this Halloween: Joe Bob’s Haunted Drive-In will be popping up in assorted locations.

Joe Bob’s Haunted Drive-In is a mashup of horror film festival and haunt attraction, and will run from mid-October through November 1 at multiple locations, each of them labeled as Shock City. In pre-recorded segments, Joe Bob Briggs, Darcy the Mail Girl and special guest Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) will present new, original short horror films 4-12 minutes long each. Also presented will be fake trailers for fun horror movies, and eventually, things will take a scary turn.

It seems that the drive-in is now the site of a zombie invasion, made up of infected Halloween party guests close by and audience members are being stalked by the undead (while safely encased in their vehicles). Need help surviving? No problem, Joe Bob, Darcy and Felissa will be offering zombie survival tips from the big screen.

Your hosts will be available for autograph signing sessions on select nights and tickets start at $99 per car (you can bring as many people as you like, but there must be enough seatbelts for each passenger).

If you arrive when the gates open, you should be in for about two hours or more of Halloween fun, between the short films, the trailers, the invasion and the commentary. I sure wish this was happening in my part of the country, because it sounds like a great time for fans of The Last Drive-In!

Joe Bob Briggs
The Last Drive-In. Image Courtesy Shudder /

Important safety notes: None of the “zombies” will open your car door or touch you and you are asked to not approach or touch them. Audience members may not sit outside of their vehicles, though they may leave to use the restroom or buy concessions.

Joe Bob Briggs has been a big proponent of independent movies, so it makes sense that those are the types of films that will be presented. Original films can be submitted through September 28.

You can get information regarding event locations, ticketing and FAQs by visiting the website. There is also a place on the website to input your email for updates.

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Do you live in California? Will you be looking for the Shock City Drive-In to pop up next month? Let us know what you think about Joe Bob’s Haunted Drive-In in the comments section.