The Monster Squad: Wolfman’s Got Nards howls into Halloween

Wolfman’s Got Nards. Image courtesy Gravitas Ventures
Wolfman’s Got Nards. Image courtesy Gravitas Ventures /

Wolfman’s Got Nards, the doc exploring The Monster Squad’s rise to cult phenomenon arrives on demand just in time for Halloween.

The Monster Squad hit theaters in 1987 with a lukewarm to negative reception from audiences. Like all good cult films, the movie penned by Shane Black and directed by Fred Dekker, found its fans on home video.

Readers might remember the amazing cover art on their local video store shelves. This one was a mainstay, tame enough to reach your local Blockbuster and just underground enough to be on your mom and pop shelves.

While the rest of the world had The Goonies, horror kids had The Monster Squad. It’s that relationship between film and fan that Wolfman’s Got Nards explores.

Directed by Andre Gower (who also starred in the classic film recently acquired by Gravitas Ventures), the documentary will be released on demand on Oct. 27 in time for Halloween. Take the journey with the cast and crew of Wolfman’s Got Nards as the feature explores how word of mouth over the past three decades helped to turn The Monster Squad into a cult phenomenon.

Initially, it was a production that no one seemed to pay any attention to. However, the documentary grew to prominence because of the love the self-proclaimed “misfit” fans had for it.

Containing humorous insights, plus interviews with the stars of the film and its fans, Wolfman’s Got Nards is shaping up to be one great horror documentary. The takeaway from Gower’s effort, is the power that fans have. They can literally champion a forgotten film and through their overwhelming adoration, it can get the recognition that it deserves.

Wolfman’s Got Nards is a loving tribute to The Monster Squad and all its fans. The nostalgia itch will be scratched of course, but a great deal of respect and care went into this doc and it will be a joy to see.

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Check out Wolfman’s Got Nards when it howls into release on Oct. 27.

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