Kindred: Rosemary’s Baby for a new age from IFC Midnight

Jack Lowden (Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images)
Jack Lowden (Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images) /

Kindred is the latest psychological horror film from IFC Midnight. With undertones of Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby, it will make you question your sanity…

Kindred is the latest effort from Joe Marcantonio, a director who is known for his short films and commercial projects with clients ranging from Nike to Amazon and Microsoft. His first full length feature from IFC Midnight will make its debut in November.

The story revolves around Charlotte (Tamara Lawrance) and her boyfriend, Ben (Edward Holcroft) who are planning to start a new life in Australia when an unexpected event occurs. Charlotte finds out that she is pregnant.

Less than thrilled and feeling like having a child might ruin their plans, she reluctantly tells Ben the news. Ecstatic, he takes Charlotte to meet his family in their country manor. Of course, it is dilapidated and very creepy.

Ben’s mother, Margaret (Fiona Shaw) and his stepbrother, Thomas (Jack Lowden) are excited about the new addition to the clan. However, when the couple reveal their future plans, Margaret becomes less than enthusiastic.

When Ben dies in a mysterious “accident,” Charlotte is devastated. Emotionally fragile, Margaret and Thomas offer to look after her until the baby arrives.

Charlotte becomes increasingly paranoid and delusional as nightmares haunt her at every turn. Tension builds as she becomes entrapped in a Rosemary’s Baby type scenario complete with a mysterious tea that she is given to drink on a daily basis. As well as ravens and birds surrounding the house like harbingers of doom.

Even her doctor appears to be in on the weirdness just like Dr. Sapirstein in Polanski’s classic horror production. Finally, at her wit’s end, she attempts to run away from the house.

Why is she being held captive? Will she make it out alive?


Find out the answers to those questions when Kindred is released in select theaters, on Digital Platforms and VOD on Nov. 6.

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