Tobe Hooper: Christopher Garetano has the South Texas Blues

South Texas Blues. Image courtesy Christopher Garetano
South Texas Blues. Image courtesy Christopher Garetano /

Christopher Garetano has a new project on the way, South Texas Blues, an innovative graphic novel about the making of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Christopher Garetano is the creator of Montauk Chronicles and Travel Channel’s Strange World. Known for his fascination with unusual and dark subject matter, it is not surprising that his latest effort focuses on a beloved horror franchise.

South Texas Blues has been a passion project of the writer/director/producer since his work first appeared as a comic strip in Fangoria throughout 2012. It is Garetano’s look at Tobe Hooper’s journey to make the cult classic film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

After many years of trying to get his script made into a motion picture, it will be turned into a three-volume graphic novel series. Book #1 “Of Outlaws and Chainsaws” takes a look at the inspiration behind Hooper’s gory production.

The director based his famous work on a “bloody department store” fantasy that he had. This particular installment in the Christopher Garetano series focuses on how an obsessed Tobe Hooper assembled his cast and crew for his legendary feature.

Each volume of the graphic novel will have a different illustrator. Trevor Cook’s art will be showcased in  the first segment. The names of the artists selected for volumes 2 and 3 will be forthcoming.

For those who collect screenplays, Christopher will be making his available for purchase. It will be a special edition that will have storyboards included as well as production design illustrations. He will also provide a unique forward.

Fans of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre don’t hesitate and order South Texas Blues now. With the holidays fast approaching, it will make a perfect gift for that genre lover in your family.

You can order South Texas Blues through the website located here and also at Amazon.

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South Texas Blues will be released and shipped on Oct. 20.

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