Bruce Campbell reveals Evil Dead Rise hero

Bruce Campbell participated in a Q & A session for Wizard World Virtual Experiences yesterday where he revealed the hero of Evil Dead Rise.

Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi appeared live and uncut on Wizard World Virtual Experiences yesterday in an interactive Q & A with their fans. Of course, Evil Dead Rise was one of the hot discussion topics.

By now, it is common knowledge that Lee Cronin who helmed the haunting Irish film, A Hole in the Ground is the director and writer of the latest addition to the Sam Raimi franchise. All we know is that a script is being finalized and the pre-production process has begun.

As Sam Raimi stated at his NYCC appearance, he and Bruce Campbell chat every week via Zoom about the upcoming production. The actor is working behind the scenes producing and handling the casting.

Not much is known about Evil Dead Rise beyond who is directing it and the fact that the Deadites are going to “**** up a city this time.” A woman was expected to be the protagonist but no definite confirmation until yesterday when Ted Raimi asked a poignant question.

He wanted to know if Bruce had a hand in picking the new Ash to which Campbell confirmed there would be NO Ash in the new movie and he also revealed that the hero of the story would be a “single mother taking this **** on.”

Which would have an interesting dynamic because not only does she have to save the world from evil but she will have to try and keep her child from harm’s way as well. Much like Ash in season three of Ash vs Evil Dead when he had to fight to keep his daughter, Brandy safe.

The idea that Raimi and his partners are sticking to is core to Evil Dead.  What happens to a regular person when they are confronted by the Dark Ones? How will they react? Remember, the Necronomicon gets around…

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