Ted Raimi tells us all about his favorite death scene

Ted Raimi (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ)
Ted Raimi (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ) /

Ted Raimi did a virtual Q & A with his fans via Wizard World Virtual Experiences this past week. Over the years, he has had some creative deaths on screen. Which one was his favorite?

Ted Raimi is one of the reigning favorites of the convention scene. Unfortunately, the actor hasn’t had the opportunity this year to meet and greet his fans in person, thanks to the pandemic.

However, recently, he did an online Q & A with Bruce Campbell for Wizard World Virtual Experiences. Of course, he was charming and hilarious as usual.

With a career that has spanned decades, the veteran actor of the horror genre has had the chance to die on screen many times, in very creative ways. Who can forget his demise like a whack-a-mole in on coming traffic in Darkman?

What about the way Chet Kaminski bit it in Ash vs Evil Dead? It’s not every day that someone has their heart literally ripped from their chest. Wishmaster was the worst for the thespian when he was crushed to death by a large crate that plummeted from a crane.

Intruder wasn’t pretty either when he got stabbed in the back of the head while cutting produce in the grocery store. So, out of all these colorful methods of meeting the grim reaper, which one is Ted’s favorite?

He enjoyed the way he left this mortal coil in Midnight Meat Train. It’s gross but extremely memorable. Vinnie Jones employs a mallet and bludgeons him to death on the subway causing his eye to pop out.

According to Ted Raimi, it was a little uncomfortable for him because he had a “green screen” eye that he couldn’t see out of. Other than that, he felt it was a “really well done” expiration.

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Currently, Ted can be seen in the proof of concept short, Red Light which can be viewed at this link. He is also working on a new project for Sony PlayStation portraying a bad guy in a new game. So, fans stay tuned for more info on that one. He is also hosting a virtual cocktail hour at the Telluride Horror Show today at 6 p.m. MST. 

Have you seen Midnight Meat Train? What are some of your favorite ways that Ted Raimi has met his demise? Let us know in the comments.