VIPCO: Vault of Terror needs short film submissions

VIPCO. Image courtesy Peter Hopkins.
VIPCO. Image courtesy Peter Hopkins. /

VIPCO (Video Instant Picture Company) has been resurrected from the ashes of the defunct 1980’s VHS distributor to form the new Vault of Terror. If you are an up and coming filmmaker, they are looking to promote your work.

VIPCO, a.k.a. Video Instant Picture Company was a staple of the 1980’s VHS scene. If you frequented a Blockbuster or any video store back in the day, chances are you saw several of their titles.

They were the leading distributor of cult horror in the age of the “video nasties” and banned films in the United Kingdom. Some of their memorable flicks include Zombie Flesh Eaters, Psychic Killer, The Driller Killer and The Nesting just to name a few.

Although they have been gone for years now, VIPCO is being resurrected by HorrorScreams VideoVault CEO and founder, Peter Hopkins with writer/director Lorna J. Child. This incarnation of the company is looking to promote new filmmakers.

Their proposed on-going series, Vault of Terror, is searching for short films in the following genres: horror, sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers. The great part about this effort is they are keeping submissions open year-round.

If you have a production that you are dying to share with the world, reach out to Hopkins and Child at For the first anthology release, creatives must submit their entries by Jan. 1, 2021. A panel of judges will select outstanding efforts in the above categories to be released on DVD and VOD platforms.

In order to get your work to the next level, ensure that your entry meets the following submission criteria:

  • The film needs to be full screen HD 1080p
  • Delivered 24 fps (Film)
  • Can be filmed on DSLR, Go Pro or even your phone!
  • Please submit your film with the film’s opening and end credits still attached.
  • No copyright music or logos other than you have permission to use in the production.

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You can follow VIPCO on Facebook for further information.

Do you plan on entering a short film for consideration for VIPCO’s anthology series, Vault of Terror? Let us know in the comments.