6:45 Trailer: Vacationers get stuck in terrifying time loop

6:45. Image courtesy Storyboard Media
6:45. Image courtesy Storyboard Media /

In the tradition of Happy Death Day and The Endless, 6:45 takes a young couple and subjects them to the repetition of a horrific 24-hour period.

The notion of being stuck in a time loop has long been a popular sci-fi conceit. Perhaps it’s my “quarantine brain” talking, but as the days become more amorphous (no morning or evening commute; less distinction between the work week and weekend), it’s hard to distinguish one’s daily routine from a nagging sense of deja vu. The new horror 6:45 looks to capitalize on that fearful feeling.

Attractive young couple Bobby (Michael Reed) and Jules (Augie Duke) head to the beach for a weekend getaway. The setting is familiar: nice houses, nice views, and the crashing of waves against the shore. The proprietor of their hotel (Armen Garo) is a mix of friendly and ominous – he’s got some pretty noticeable bags under his eyes, and has the details on a horrific incident that afflicted the community years prior.

Not unlike Friday the 13th‘s favorite doomsayer, Crazy Ralph, it appears that this location also has a “death curse.”

As far as what that death curse entails, it’s hard to say. I’ll give the trailer for 6:45 credit – it builds a sense of intrigue by slowing things down for the subdued character interactions, and speeding up the editing when flashes of violence and surreal imagery occur.

Needless to say, there’s blood, bare backsides, creepy little kids and the ominous specter of a church looming in the background of certain scenes. I found myself looking closer, trying to make out what was going on amid the quick flashes of macabre activity.

While Groundhog Day is probably the best example of a plot predicated on a person repeating the same day over and over, the concept has enjoyed a mini-renaissance in horror, with the two Happy Death Day films, and Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead‘s well-regarded genre-bender, The Endless.

6:45 looks more serious than Happy Death Day, but not as philosophical as The Endless. In other words, it might just be a satisfying, straightforward horror with a twist.

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