Mailchimp Presents: What SXSW horror shorts stream for free?

SXSW 2020 (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)
SXSW 2020 (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images) /

Mailchimp Presents offers spooky short films from SXSW that you can stream for free just in time for Halloween.

Mailchimp Presents offers horror fans an alternative for Halloween viewing. Are you tired of watching the same old franchise films over and over again?

Are you in the mood for fresh perspectives and new talent? Then you are in luck because you can stream four SXSW genre short films for free.

That’s right. Mailchimp Presents has uploaded those indie gems to their streaming platform. If you are in the mood for dark and gory, the service has your back.

What can you expect? Here are four selections from SXSW’s Midnight Shorts Competition guaranteed to make you keep the lights on:

  • Danny’s Girl: Director/Screenwriter Emily Wilson tells the story of Danny who is about to meet his online girlfriend in person for the first time. However, things don’t go as planned after he discovers an “unspeakable” possession of hers.
  • Double Tap: Remember those annoying chain emails? Well, now, you can do the same thing on social media. This is the tale of a movie obsessed teen who decides to break the chain with disastrous results.
  • Laura Hasn’t Slept: If you have ever suffered insomnia because of a recurring nightmare, this short is for you. A young woman is plagued by a dream that haunts her every night until finally she decides to visit a therapist.
  • Stucco: When a woman knocks a hole in her wall while trying to hang a painting, she discovers a secret room. Exactly what is the purpose for this space?

For a menu of all of the short films that Mailchimp Presents is showcasing, click on this link.

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Have you seen any of the Mailchimp Presents short films? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments.