What’s new on Shudder in December 2020: Shudder brings the ho-ho-horror

Anything for Jackson. Image courtesy Shudder
Anything for Jackson. Image courtesy Shudder /

December is usually a month filled with surprises, but Shudder has gifted us with a few early announcements.

Shudder has had a record-breaking year, and they are celebrating their success by bringing us a couple of original holiday specials, which you will only be able to access on the horror-streaming platform.

One of the more popular original series on Shudder is The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, and Joe Bob has hosted several holiday specials over the past two years. 2020 was no exception, and we were treated to Joe Bob’s Summer Sleepover in August and the Halloween Hideaway in October. Both specials offered double features.

Well, it looks like Joe Bob and Darcy will be back on Friday, Dec. 11 with another double feature, this one titled Joe Bob Saves Christmas. There is no word yet as to which films will be included, but we can rule out Black Christmas, Jack Frost and Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2, since they were included in Joe Bob’s Red Christmas special in 2019.

Joe Bob Saves Christmas will also be available on Shudder Canada.

A Creepshow Holiday Special. Image courtesy Shudder /

The Creepshow series was a record-breaker, and it was followed up by an animated Halloween special in October of this year. It must have done well, because we are being treated to A Creepshow Holiday Special on Dec. 18. It looks like this one is not animated, and the one-hour story will be called Shapeshifters Anonymous. It will feature Anna Camp (True Blood, Pitch Perfect) and Adam Pally (The Mindy Project).

The Creepshow Holiday Special will also be available on Shudder Canada, UK and ANZ.

On Dec. 3, Shudder Original Anything for Jackson will begin streaming. Audrey and Henry are distraught after their grandson Jackson dies in an accident, and will do anything to bring him back. They kidnap a pregnant woman with the thought of performing a sort of reverse exorcism that will put Jackson inside the woman’s unborn baby. Things don’t work out as planned.

Anything for Jackson will also be available in the UK and ANZ.

If you’re a fan of horror westerns, you will be glad to know that Shudder Exclusive The Pale Door will be available on Dec. 17. The Dalton gang decides to hide out in what they believe to be a ghost town after committing a train robbery. Imagine how happy they are to find a fully stocked brothel waiting for them!

But, these women are in reality a coven of witches, and they have sinister plans for the outlaws. The Pale Door will also be available to stream in Canada, UK and ANZ.

There will also be two new collections available in December: Unhappy Holidays (which will include one of my personal favorites, Rare Exports) and Holly Gialli Christmas, which will bring us 16 Giallo films by the likes of Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci.

What’s coming to Shudder in December 2020: Complete release schedule

December 1

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The Lost Boys

December 2

A Blade in the Dark

Black Belly of the Tarantula

The Case of the Bloody Iris

The Corruption of Chris Miller

Death Laid an Egg

The Editor

The Fifth Cord

New York Ripper

The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave

The Red Queen Kills Seven Times

Short Night of Glass Dolls




Your Vice is a Locked Room

What Have You Done to Solange

December 3

Anything for Jackson

Castle Freak

December 7

Let the Corpses Tan


Zombi Child

December 10

Eli Roth’s History of Horror Season 2

December 11

Joe Bob Saves Christmas (Releases at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT)

December 14

A Good Woman is Hard to Find

Let Us Prey

December 17

The Pale Door

December 18

A Creepshow Holiday Special

December 21

Luz: The Flower of Evil

The Soul Collector

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