Top 4 horror things to watch to kick off your 2021

THE PURGE -- Pictured: "The Purge" Key Art -- (Photo by: USA Network)
THE PURGE -- Pictured: "The Purge" Key Art -- (Photo by: USA Network) /

Four things to make 2020 say see ya’. What’s one thing that’s always around now? Politics. You can’t even go to a grocery store without seeing a magazine cover, or overhear that man grumbling over them. They’re everywhere.

My rule of thumb is that I don’t get into three topics of conversation with people. Number one, politics. Number two, religion. And finally, number three, sports. All of these things need to be packed in the back of your mind like an arsenal. Or else, prepare for the consequences. Them’s fightin’ words!

So, to make mine and your 2021 more bearable, let’s check out some good ole’ horror to satiate your goodbye stress needs.

1. The Purge: TV series.

Now, I love the movies as much as any devoted horror fan, but the series really got me. Ben Gardner (Joel Allen) is just your typical every day college student until he literally becomes a Purger. If anything, he’s more of a Tate Langdon (AHS) than anything. Right down to the girlfriend and the need to kill.

There are four storylines total. His is just one of the many plots you get to watch. The others include a soldier trying to get his sister out of a cult. A husband and wife protecting themselves from crazy neighbors, and a former Purge techie and a rogue mercenary who have to go off the grid in order to save lives. It’s a symbol of what life would be like in these different situations. Different cultures. Different people from different walks of life.

2. Ready or Not.

Darn rich people! We are thrown into the life of the new bride-to-be, Grace (Samara Weaving). If she plays a ritualistic game of cards, she’s officially part of the family. Only, uh-oh–they’re just trying to sacrifice her to Satan (or rather, Mr. Le Bail.) The last time the Hide and Seek card was picked, it was the aunt’s husband who got sacrificed. It hasn’t happened in a long time. Unfortunately, the best man and brother remembers it all from his childhood.

Daniel Le Domas (Adam Brody) seems like a typical rich boy with a gold-digging wife and a drinking problem, but he’s kind and sincere underneath all of the sarcasm. In fact, he’s the problem child in his family. As bodies drop one by one, Daniel is the first to make a witty yet morbid comment on it. (I really wanted him and Grace to get together, and that’s my head canon. I don’t care.) As a child, Daniel participated in the last game of Hide and Seek, and regrets giving away the victim’s position all of his life. With this in mind, he poisons his family (temporarily) to save Grace. It’s an explosively good time.

3. The Hunt.

There’s literally no other satire for a long time that depicts how crappy it is to talk to people or be on social media. Unfollowed on Twitter? Emailed that nasty resignation to your boss? Or in this case, you have a text group on your cell phone that skates into dangerous territory when it ruins your life.

Athena (Hilary Swank) is a big shot businesswoman, just trying to have fun and pretend to kill imaginary people in her imaginary mansion with her friends in a group text. But, you know, some of them have a conscience and report her to the boss. Reputation ruined. Job gone. So, her and her friends enlist each other to literally set the plan in motion. Unfortunately, the one who she thinks ratted her out–turned out to be the wrong person with the same name. Hilarity, irony and gore ensue. Who comes out on top?

4. The Belko Experiment

If you want an underdog to root for, a sassy tomboy, and some colorful cast of characters, look no further than the actual office uprising. Similar to the others on this list, this has more of an Umbrella Corporation feel to it. Only instead of zombies and secret tests, it’s every day people pushed to their breaking points and mental tests. Mike Milch (John Gallagher Jr.) is your standard, everyday office worker. He’s polite, sarcastic, is totally in love, and is basically your American Simon Pegg (Shaun of The Dead). Costume and all!

But what happens when the entire building seals up, and you have a certain amount of time to off your fellow employees and friends? Uh, chaos. Everything from a girl stuck in an elevator and trying to be the sole survivor, to a guy who likes ants, to a chill security guard–get the body count rising. In the end? There’s a pretty badass fight involving a Tape Dispenser. I said what I said.

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