Shudder’s February schedule: vampires, nightmares and love

THE DARK AND THE WICKED. Image Courtesy Fantasia International Film Festival
THE DARK AND THE WICKED. Image Courtesy Fantasia International Film Festival /
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The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob Put A Spell On You Valentine’s Special. Image courtesy Shudder /

Feb. 9:

Carmilla – There have been many movies inspired by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s vampire tale, including this 2019 version. Lara lives a somewhat isolated life in the country with her father and her governess, until the alluring Carmilla comes into their home to recover from an accident. Also available on Shudder Canada.

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears –  This giallo-style Belgian film was released in 2013. Dan returns home one day to find that his wife is missing. As he goes from apartment to apartment trying to find his wife and get answers, he meets many people who tell him their own secrets. Also available in Canada.

After Midnight (Something Else). Image Courtesy Cranked Up Films /

Feb. 11:

After Midnight (Shudder Exclusive) – Abby and Hank have been together for ten years, and seem to be very happy together. Then Abby disappears, leaving a puzzling note behind. That’s bad enough for poor Hank, but to make things worse, a vicious creature appears on his property. Available only on Shudder US.

Feb. 12, 9:00 pm ET:

Joe Bob Put a Spell On You – In their first Valentine’s Day special, Joe Bob and Darcy will present two features described as “unusual films about the power (and horror) of love.” Watch the live feed on the 12th, or you can stream it on demand starting February 14.

Feb. 15:

Basket Case – Experiencing this 1982 slasher is a rite of passage for horror fans, so if you have never seen it, this is your chance. Duane and Belial are conjoined twins separated surgically at a very young age, and Belial has never gotten over his resentment. You see, Duane looks perfectly normal, but his brother is horribly deformed, and is kept in a basket. When the two decide to seek revenge on the doctors who separated them, murder and mayhem ensues. Also available on Shudder Canada

The Ninth Configuration – Written and directed by William Peter Blatty (author of The Exorcist), this1980 film features Stacy Keach as a psychiatrist in charge of a military asylum. The asylum is in an old army castle, and is filled with former soldiers deemed “insane.” One of his patients is Billy, an astronaut who had a mental break right before a launch. Trivia alert: Billy is played by The Walking Dead’s Scott Wilson. Also available in Canda.

Outcast – Mary is forced to acknowledge her dark past when a murderous monster begins to kill people in her town. Meanwhile, a hunter with deadly powers is after Mary and her son. Outcast is directed by Colm McCarthy, who also directed the excellent The Girl with All the Gifts. Also available in Canada and UK.

Shook. Image courtesy Shudder /

Feb. 18:

Shook (Shudder Original) – Mia, a social media star, suddenly finds herself embroiled in online harassment gone very wrong. She is tasked with solving tests to keep her loved ones from being murdered, but are these “tests” for real, or is Mia being tricked? Also available on Shudder Canada, UK and ANZ.

Feb. 22:

One Missed Call – In this J-horror film, Yoko gets a phone message one day, and finds that the caller is herself, two days into the future. The message ends with future Yoko’s death, and two days later, she is killed in a car accident. Yoko’s friend Yumi finds out that this isn’t the first time this has happened, and works with a detective to find out what is happening. Also available in Canada and UK.

Open 24 Hours – Mary is struggling to find a job after being released from a mental hospital, where she did time for burning down a house with her serial killer boyfriend inside. She gets a job at a 24-hour gas station, and on her first night, she battles hallucinations about the murders her boyfriend committed (and made her watch). On top of that, she gets a strange phone call. Also available in Canada.

Psychomania – Originally released in the US under the title The Death Wheelers, this 1973 British film tells the story of Tom and his motorcycle gang. He and his cohorts practice black magic, and manage to come back from the dead (motorcycles and all). Also available on Shudder Canada.

Feb. 25:

The Dark and the Wicked (Shudder Exclusive) – With her husband bedridden and dying, a woman suffers from crippling grief. Her adult children come home, but they start to believe that their mother is suffering from more than just grief. This one is directed by Bryan Bertino (The Strangers). Also available on Shudder UK, ANZ and Canada.

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