Alien Invasion In Roswell, New Mexico.

Aliens are part of the "Area 51" room at Mystery Town, USA.Alien
Aliens are part of the "Area 51" room at Mystery Town, USA.Alien /

Alien Invasion In Roswell. What better place to base a television show about aliens living among the world than in Roswell, New Mexico? It was the perfect setting for a teenage drama slash science fiction show. It was so good that it lasted for three seasons and then was brought back in a reboot or reimagining years later which thus far has lasted at least two seasons with a promise of a third on the way and a possible fourth.

Given the track record of the previous seasons with audiences, I foresee that it could continue but it really is up to how season three performs. And for the time being it looks like they have a total of nine episodes to do so. Given it’s going through the CW network, it’s a big possibility despite the ratings of the prior seasons and season three, that it will continue for a fourth. But we had all seen what the CW can do to shows at a drop of a hat.

Now if we are to get into aliens and teen drama, you first have to understand what the show is actually about. One could say it’s a journey of a group of teenagers trying to find themselves and in the end, they find love in the most unimaginable places. On the other hand, you could argue that it’s not about that at all. From day one on both shows it was about aliens hiding a secret. They would pretend to be humans and live among the humans and act as if they were humans.

But of course, something drastic had to happen for them to reveal themselves. A shooting. A bullet hitting poor Liz Parker (Ortecho in the reboot.) Honestly, I don’t know why the name changed. Either way. In the original, it was an argument gone wrong and in the new version, it was seemingly a driveby. In both versions, Max, an alien, saves Liz with his powers. Now in the original, they were high school students.

In the remake, Liz was a scientist who lost her grant so she came back home. Max is a cop. There are a few glaring differences with the characters as well. Max and Liz’s relationship from the first episode in both were entirely different. In the remake, Max felt guilt over Liz’s sister’s death whereas, in the original, Max was just merely pining over Liz. In both though, after Max saves her with his powers, they both develop some kind of power.

Liz in the remake gains memories and the ability to feel when Max dies after over-exerting himself. In the original, Liz is able to use a wide array of abilities. She’s able to see into the future. She has telekinesis. Also molecular combustion and pyrotechnics. On top of that, she is also able to heal. In this, I feel Liz Parker got the better part of being healed by an alien than Liz Ortecho.

Now there are major differences with the characters as well. Liz Parker was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and she was so optimistic even in the face of danger and death. Liz Ortecho was entirely different. The world changed so she changed with it. It made her self-reliant on herself. It made her question everything. And she was anything but optimistic. With the slightly older in the remake, it made more sense.

But with them being more gritty, it kind of turned me off because it just felt like they hated life just to hate it. They had no development. In the original, I fell in love with all of the characters. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It was hard not to when they showed them as a person. They gave a backstory. They gave them life. Each had its own personality.

It’s true slightly in the remake, You feel Liz’s pain when she talks of her sister’s death. You see the guilt in Max’s eyes. You feel the anger that Isobel feels. You get it. But also at the same time, it’s hard to connect because they just seem bland at times. Max in the remake is boring. His voice is boring. His personality is boring. And while in the original, Max could be boring at times, he tried.

When Liz was shot in the remake, his ‘no’ was just so unenthused, A woman was bleeding out in front of him. One could argue he was in love with this woman. And he just was sloth-like. No oomph in his step. At least in the original, you felt how Max felt. He felt helpless but he knew he had one ability that could help her. That could save her. And he risks it all in public to save her.

The aliens that came together have all acted as a family unit in both iterations as well. Max, Isobel, and Michael, though obviously not related, all acted as a family. And it helped in the long run because they were able to protect each other from harm for the most part. So long story short, if you love aliens, if you love teenage drama and you love romance, then Roswell is the show for you.

Both iterations perfectly sum up the teenage drama with a mix of aliens to make everyone happy. I absolutely adored the relationships in both versions. So with a third season on the way and most likely a fourth, I urge you all to check out Roswell: New Mexico, and while you’re at it, catch up on the original show as well. It will always remain a classic.

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