Murder mystery games and puzzles, oh my!

Discover Uncommon Goods' At Home Murder Mystery Party kit.
Discover Uncommon Goods' At Home Murder Mystery Party kit. /

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After finishing your favorite true crime show for the third time or listening to the same podcasts about murders over and over, maybe it is time to switch things up a bit. Since we love true crime, why not try to experience it through a murder mystery party. If you live with someone and need a date night idea or want to try your hand at solving these cases by yourself, we gathered some options below for you to try out from Uncommon Goods.

At Home Murder Mystery Night; $45

Discover Uncommon Goods' At Home Murder Mystery Party kit.
Discover Uncommon Goods’ At Home Murder Mystery Party kit. /

This kit is set in the roaring 1920s at the Full House Theatre. You and your friends or roommates gather to see a show, but then it all goes wrong. This game will test your sleuthing skills to see if you can unmask the killer. This set features 12 places, name, occupation, weapon, and trait cards, so you can try this out multiple times and experience the game in new ways. The three alternate endings mean guests won’t be able to solve the game so quickly.

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Murder Mystery Puzzle Book; $17

Discover Uncommon Goods' Murder Mystery Puzzle book.
Discover Uncommon Goods’ Murder Mystery Puzzle book. /

Since we are in a pandemic and many of us live alone and can’t host or go to parties yet, we didn’t want the solo fans to miss out on all the detective fun and games. This murder mystery puzzle book with make you think critically and use your ultimate detective skills to deduce who the killer is in each scenario. This book features 20 different cases for you to solve, along with the main character Medea Thorne. The stories involve vivacious characters alongside beautifully illustrated pages to bring the stories to life.

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