1428 Elm Exclusive: Spotify to debut Internet Urban Legends podcast

Internet Urban Legends. Image courtest Spotify
Internet Urban Legends. Image courtest Spotify /

1428 EXCLUSIVE: Spotify will be presenting a new original paranormal/true-crime podcast beginning Tuesday, April 13, and 1428 Elm exclusively has all the details.

Internet Urban Legends is presented by Parcast in collaboration with Wheelhouse DNA and aims to entertain and intrigue us with an exploration of chilling internet legends and mysteries. Our hosts will be Loey Lane and Eleanor Snitchery, two beauty influencers with a love of mysteries and the paranormal.

Snitchery is known for her stunning cosplay on Instagram and TikTok, transforming herself into super-glam versions of Luigi, Harley Quinn and the like. Lane is known for projecting a body-positive image and combines fashion and beauty advice with paranormal material on her popular YouTube channel. The two are good friends in real life, so their chemistry should be genuine and fun.

The mashup of true crime and the paranormal is intriguing, and the “Gruesome Twosome” promises to scour the internet for stories that lovers of both genres are sure to find intriguing. Their goal is to search for the truth (or lack thereof) contained within these urban legends.

Internet Urban Legends podcast release date, hosts and more!

Internet Urban Legends. Image courtest Spotify /

Loey Lane grew up in a haunted house and will be the evidence expert. Eleanor Snitchery is more skeptical and will present her own questions about the stories the two will be exploring. During each episode, Loey and Eleanor will take a deep dive into one story. The story might involve a horrifying TikTok, or an urban legend such as the “no one dies at Disney” claim, and the hosts will dig into the claims, conspiracy theories and clues in an attempt to either credit the tale or debunk it.

Spotify has really upped the mystery and intrigue in their podcasts recently, with Murder Ballads and Welcome To Your Fantasy, and Internet Urban Legends sounds like the perfect addition for the true crime and horror enthusiasts among us. I will definitely be checking in!

The first two episodes of Internet Urban Legends will premiere on April 13, followed by one episode per week thereafter. For more information about Spotify podcasts, visit their website.

Check out the trailer for Internet Urban Legends here:

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