Where can you watch The Unholy with Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Unholy - Courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing
Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Unholy - Courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing /

The Unholy is a new supernatural horror film based on the 1983 James Herbert novel Shrine. Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and produced by Sam Raimi through his Ghost House Pictures banner, it’s not surprising that many fans are clamoring to watch!

So, where is The Unholy available to watch? Unfortunately, the only way you can watch the movie right now is in theaters. The film officially released on April 2 by Sony Pictures Releasing.

Even though the pandemic is still ongoing, theaters are slowly beginning to reopen across the country, paving the way for this particular horror film to get a cinematic release.

If your local theater is open, I’d recommend checking the listings to see if The Unholy is available to watch. If not, then it shouldn’t be long before the religious horror film releases on VOD and DVD.

When will The Unholy be available to watch on VOD and DVD?

Previous Ghost House Pictures films like The Grudge and Don’t Breathe took approximately two to three months to release on DVD and VOD, so following that track, we can assume The Unholy will be available by early to mid-June. It might come out even earlier due to the pandemic and the increasing trend for studios to put their movies out for purchase sooner rather than later.

The Unholy
The Unholy key art – Courtesy of Sony Pictures /

Will The Unholy be available to watch on Netflix?

Sony recently came to a deal with Netflix to give the streaming service first rights to their movies, which could mean good things for this Sam Raimi-produced flick. But the deal doesn’t kick in until 2022, if it does impact this horror movie, we might not see it debut on Netflix until then.

That said, since the deal doesn’t start yet, that also means Sony can sell the rights to other services. In the past, Screen Gems films and some Sony movies went to Starz, like Brightburn and The Grudge, there is a good chance that The Unholy will follow in their footsteps and stream on Starz sometime later this year.

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Are you looking forward to watching The Unholy? Will you try to see it in theaters or wait for it to release at home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!