Scream 5 reportedly going to extreme lengths to avoid spoilers

Scream (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)
Scream (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images) /

According to reports swarming around the production of Scream 5, the creators and writers are NOT messing around when it comes to preventing potential leaks and spoilers. People was kind enough to consolidate several different reports from sites like Bloody Disgusting and CinemaBlend regarding the highly-anticipated new film.

Filmmakers confirmed with Bloody Disgusting that they had written multiple Scream 5 screenplays to prevent anyone from spoiling the finished film. As most fans of the franchise know, Scream has had a few leaks in the past.

A draft of Scream 2 leaked online and forced the writers to do a last-minute rewrite on the film’s ending. With so many people eager for Scream 5, it makes sense the creative team would want to be cautious.

But it’ll be interesting to see just how far the team is willing to go. Multiple scripts are one thing, but did they film alternate scenes or even an alternate ending? We won’t know more until it gets closer, and the film is still a way off (not scheduled until January 2022). But it’s something interesting to consider.

The rumors of multiple drafts were also confirmed by producer William Sherak, who chatted with CinemaBlend about the film.

“There are multiple versions of the draft out there and most of the cast don’t know if they have the right version or not. So we’ve been playing that game with them as well. The fun of a Scream movie is that everyone is guilty until proven innocent,” he said.

Scream 5 officially wrapped filming in November 2020

Of course, if they did film alternate material, it’s already all said and done. Kevin Williamson announced that they had completed filming Scream 5 last November.

Just how far is the creative team willing to go to protect spoilers? Could testing audiences see fake endings? It’s not often you get a horror movie with as much protective detail as, say, something in the MCU!

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What do you think about Scream 5 having multiple versions? Do you think they might have filmed some fake endings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Scream 5 is currently scheduled for release on January 14, 2022.