Shudder in May: Castle, Joe Bob, Frankenhooker and more

- Skull: The Mask - Photo Credit: Lucas Kappaz/Shudder
- Skull: The Mask - Photo Credit: Lucas Kappaz/Shudder /
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Shudder continues adding new originals and exclusives in May. Shudder in May will include a couple of classic Castle films, a new series and the third season of the hit series The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs.

Here’s a list of the new additions coming to Shudder in May:

May 1:

The Wicker Man – This is the original 1973 film, which was remade with Nicolas Cage in 2006. A stuffy Police Sergeant visits the Scottish village of Summerisle in an attempt to track down a missing girl. He arrives in the midst of the village’s May Day celebration, and he finds himself trapped in a dangerous mystery.

House on Haunted Hill – In this 1959 William Castle film (remade in 1999), five people consent to being locked in a large haunted house overnight. Anyone who succeeds is promised $10,000. Horror legend Vincent Price appears as the eccentric millionaire.

13 Ghosts – Another William Castle film that was remade in 2001, the original 1960 version tells the story of Cyrus, who inherits a gigantic haunted house from his occultist Uncle. When Cyrus and his family move into the house, they find it to be haunted by 12 ghosts. Who will be the unfortunate 13th?

Curse of the Demon (AKA Night of the Demon) – John Holden, a professor from America, travels to London for a conference, and ends up investigating a satanic cult. The leader of the cult is Julian Karswell, and Holden soon finds his life and soul in great danger.

Gary Green as Barry-Fried Barry_Season 1-Photo Credit: Shudder /

May 4:

Frankenhooker – This 1990 dark comedy / horror film professes to be loosely inspired by Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein. Former med student Jeffrey is devastated when his fiancée is killed, but he bounces back by re-building her, using body parts from prostitutes.

May 7:

Fried Barry (Shudder Original, also available on Shudder CA, UKI and ANZ) – Barry is an abusive drug addict who shoots up one night after a fight with his wife, and is abducted by aliens. He is then helpless to do anything as one of the aliens takes control of his body and explores the earthly pleasures of sex, violence and drugs.

May 10:

Sator (Also available on Shudder CA) – Adam and his family members live isolated existences deep in a forest. But they are not alone, since an entity known as Sator is determined to claim each of them. Sator’s writer/director Jordan Graham also wrote the music for the film, and served as the cinematographer and film editor.

Climate of the Hunter (Also available in ANZ) – Middle-aged sisters Elizabeth and Alma reconnect with friend Wesley after twenty years spent apart. As they vie for his affections, it becomes apparent that Wesley may be a vampire.

The Funeral Home (Also available on Shudder CA, UKI and ANZ) – Undertaker Beranardo and his family live in the funeral home he operates, and not all of the other “residents” are dead.