Shudder in May: Castle, Joe Bob, Frankenhooker and more

- Skull: The Mask - Photo Credit: Lucas Kappaz/Shudder
- Skull: The Mask - Photo Credit: Lucas Kappaz/Shudder /
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Charlotte Kirk as Grace Haverstock – The Reckoning – Photo Credit: RLJE Films/Shudder /

More coming to Shudder in May

May 13:

The Reckoning (Shudder Exclusive, also available on Shudder CA and UKI) – Grace’s husband dies during the Great Plague, and things go from bad to worse as she is accused of witchcraft. England’s most sadistic witch-hunter takes on the task of proving Grace is indeed a witch. Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers) directed, so I will definitely be watching this one.

Trickster (series) – A Canadian series, Trickster is based on Eden Robinson’s bestselling trilogy. Jared is a teen who sells drugs from a restaurant drive-through. His motives are pure, though, he uses the money to pay his jobless parents’ bills. The appearance of spirits and deadly magic rites put Jared and his parents in jeopardy, bing it on Shudder in May!

May 17:

American Mary – The Soska sisters wrote and directed this body horror film about a surgical student named Mary. Desperate for money, Mary performs extreme body modification surgeries for patients who can’t go elsewhere.

Time Lapse – When three friends check up on a missing elderly neighbor, they find a strange machine in his apartment that takes photos 24 in the future. When some disturbing images begin to be captured in the photos, the friends start to distrust one another.

Found (Also available on Shudder CA) – A 12 year old boy discovers a terrible secret about his older brother Steve: Steve is a serial killer. Afterwards, he has to deal with the ramifications of Steve’s obsession and becomes obsessed with horror comics and movies.

May 18:

Def by Temptation (Also available in CA, UKI, ANZ) – Joel and K are two childhood friends reunited when Joel visits K in New York City. Things get tricky when the two meet “the perfect woman”, and she turns out to be a succubus.

Black Roses (Also available on Shudder UKI and ANZ) – In this 1988 Canadian horror film, a heavy metal band called Black Roses holds a concert in a small town. Unfortunately, the band members are not what they seem, and they not only plan to turn the town kids into rockers, but demons as well.

Shudder in May
Matthew Ninaber as Psycho Goreman – Psycho Goreman – Photo Credit: RLJE Films/Shudder /

May 20:

Psycho Goreman (Shudder Exclusive, also available in CA, UKI and ANZ) – Siblings Luke and Mimi come across an alien gem while playing, and find themselves involved with an alien overlord, whom they call Psycho Goreman. This film was directed by Steven Kostanksi (The Void, Father’s Day). Watch it on Shudder in May!

May 24:

Werewolf (Also available in Canada) – During World War II, a group of children at a concentration camp are set free and taken to an old mansion in the woods. With no electricity or food, the children find themselves in a Lord of the Flies-type situation, only it gets worse when vicious dogs trap the children in the mansion.

The Machine (Also available in Canada) – A British sci-fi/thriller, The Machine takes place in the future, when scientist’s attempts to create artificial intelligence killing machines go horribly awry. Sheesh, you would think those scientists had never watched a sci-fi/thriller before, we ALL know what happens when you try to do this!

The Windmill (Also available on Shudder Canada) – Originally titled The Windmill Massacre, this one is about a tour group whose bus conks out close to a haunted windmill. Forced to shelter in an old shed by the windmill, the tourists begin to begin to die at the hands of an avenging monstrous creature.

May 27:

Skull: The Mask (Shudder Original, also available in CA, UKI and ANZ) – A Pre-Columbian mask naturally holds an evil spirit. Anhanga was once the executioner for god Tahawantinsupay, and anyone who wears the mask is possessed by Anhanga. A policewoman and a museum employee race to stop the evil spirit before it manages to resurrect the equally evil god.

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