Spiral: From the Book of Saw: Everything we know about the film so far

Chris Rock stars as ‘Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks’ in Spiral. Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer
Chris Rock stars as ‘Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks’ in Spiral. Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer /
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One month ago, Lionsgate released the official full-length trailer for Spiral: From the Book of Saw.

Before we start discussing the actual clips released by Lionsgate from the film, let’s look at the actual full-length trailer released by the studio about a month ago. First, if you watch carefully in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, in the beginning, we get a peek inside the green box that looks to be a hand-delivered gift for Zeke. I see a pig figurine (puppet?) or something, complete with dark hair.

Once the trailer starts going, we get a longer scene showing Zeke opening the green box and playing a USB drive that shows a video asking him if he knows where his officers are. In an underground tunnel, one of said officers (I think) gets abducted and this time we see a much more realistic and full-sized pig mask emerge from the darkness.

Throughout the trailer, there are lots more pig masks, puppets and even a pig puppet. I’m guessing all the pig stuff, apart from being the Jigsaw killer’s signature, has to do with cops since we all know the slang for cops is pigs.

It also looks like Zeke is going to find himself in a traditional Saw trap that harkens back to the original movie where he might have to saw off his limb to escape, and his father also looks like he’s trapped in the final still of the trailer. Whatever is going on, it definitely all relates to Zeke’s dad, Marcus Banks, played by Samuel L. Jackson. Because even though they know the original Jigsaw killer is dead, there’s now a copycat on the loose with sinister motivations of their own.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw: Official clip “Play Me”

Now, let’s look at some clips! The first one, titled “Play Me,” shows the full scene of Zeke and his partner watching a video given to them by the killer. Zeke gets a small green box containing the USB drive. There seemed to multiple green boxes of different sizes so I’m assuming the killer has several of these “gifts” delivered throughout the film.

“Hello, Detective Banks. I’m here to help reform the metro police, to remind them of their oath to the people of the city. One of your officer of your station refused to be reformed.”

The cops in the room realize that the spiral is reminiscent of Jigsaw. They know he’s dead (or so we think) but then… what if this is a copycat? As the other guy in the room aptly states, “It’s going to be a s***show.” (Which also sounds like a subtle dig at some of the later Saw films).

Spiral: From the Book of Saw: Official clip “Old Man”

Another clip released early shows an excellent scene between Jackson and Rock’s characters, who are father and son in the film. This clip establishes that Zeke lives in an apartment owned by his dad and apparently, doesn’t pay rent.

The clip also indicates the history Marcus has with the Jigsaw killer. Marcus also asks his son how he’s feeling in light of the death of one of his colleagues, it sounds like he says, “Bos,” which I’m guessing is Det. Marv Boswick (Dan Petronijevic). It seems like Marv might be the cop we see in the promotional material who is lured into one of the tunnels and killed in the train trap.

Official Clip: “You Want to Play Games”

Earlier today, Lionsgate released another clip, this time showing Marcus doing some investigating. He comes across a creepy room with a pig puppet and a typewriter. In the end, someone kidnaps Marcus by wrapping a piece of plastic around his head! Will Marcus’s character get killed off early on?