A Quiet Place 3: Does the sequel set up a third film in the franchise?

Now that A Quiet Place 2 is out in theaters and fans have gotten the chance to see the movie, many are already starting to theorize if the ending is setting up for A Quiet Place 3, or A Quiet Place Part III.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for A Quiet Place 2.

Similar to the first movie, A Quiet Place 2 ends rather suddenly with Regan managing to blast the feedback sound to the region via the radio tower. The last we see of these characters is Regan killing the monster terrorizing her and Emmett in the tower as her brother, Marcus, also kills a monster back in the bunker after using the feedback sound with the radio to render the monster vulnerable.

The first movie also ended abruptly right after the Abbott family figured out that the sound from Regan’s hearing aid could be used to weaken the monster.

What would A Quiet Place 3 be about?

Given the film’s critical acclaim and the fact it managed to open with a significant box office return (one of the best since the pandemic began) it seems a given that we’ll get a third film in the future, should John Krasinski believe they can return to tell another story.

The ending of A Quiet Place 2 does a great job of setting up a third film. With the feedback being broadcast and the knowledge that these monsters can’t swim, it would finally give humans a chance to really fight back against the monsters. The first two films have primarily focused on monsters terrorizing helpless humans, but maybe in the third movie we could actually see the hunters become the hunted as humans try to reclaim the world once and for all.

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A Quiet Place Part II is now playing in theaters.