When does Black Summer Season 2 start streaming?

Netflix’s underrated zombie series Black Summer is about to return for its second season and it looks like this season is getting a massive change in scenery as the cast (and zombies) head into the frigid winter months. Black Summer Season 2 officially debuts tomorrow on Netflix and we’ve got all the information you’ll need to watch!

Black Summer is a unique show that uses shifting perspectives and quick pacing to create tension among the viewers. One particularly memorable Season 1 episode even showed us life from a zombie’s perspective. It’ll be interesting to see what distinct scenes and moments the new season brings us, so make sure you’re ready to watch tomorrow!

What time will Black Summer Season 2 debut on Netflix?

Black Summer is premiering on Thursday, June 17. All eight episodes of the new season will be available to watch at once starting at 3 a.m. ET. If you’re on the west coast, you can start watching as early as midnight, but east coast fans might as well get a good night’s rest before beginning their binge-watch later in the day. If you are awake when the show premieres, make sure you refresh if the episodes don’t immediately pop up, Netflix is usually very punctual.

How many episodes are in Black Summer Season 2?

The second season has eight episodes, just like the first season and the runtimes vary. Season 1 had episodes as short as 20-30 minutes and some that were closer to an hour-long. That will probably be the case with the second season as well.

What is Black Summer Season 2 about?

Despite the show having “summer” in the name, the second season is actually going to take place in the winter months. The official Netflix synopsis reads: “Winter comes with cold-blooded new challenges during the zombie apocalypse as frantic scavengers and violent militias battle the dead and desperate.”

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Black Summer Season 2 officially premieres tomorrow, June 17 on Netflix.