The Last Drive-In: Season three wraps, and now we wait

The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. Image courtesy Shudder
The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. Image courtesy Shudder /

As The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs wraps up its third season, we “mutants” are reminiscing about all of the films, special guests and Darcy cosplay we were witness to over the past three months.

Shudder’s The Last Drive-In went through some slight changes this season, largely due to COVID: the set changed from Joe Bob’s trailer to a cabin in the woods, and the guests were not there in person. Instead, an old box-style television was positioned over the body of a mannequin, and guests’ faces were broadcast so Joe Bob could interview them.

We heard from the likes of Eli Roth (Eli Roth’s History of Horor), Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead), Clint Howard (Evilspeak) and the legendary Roger Corman (Death Race 2000). Pro wrestler Chris Jericho and Sleepaway Camp’s Felissa Rose even made repeat appearances.

Season three of The Last Drive-In got a bit emotional at times.

Regular viewers know that The Last Drive-In definitely has its sentimental moments, and who among us didn’t get a little emotional when Joe Bob, backed by the cast and crew, sang a special song in honor of guest Clint Howard? As he watched from the tv, smiling, we could feel the genuine affection and admiration that radiated toward him.

The Last Drive-In
LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 31: Actor Clint Howard arrives at the 61st Annual Directors Guild of America Awards at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on January 31, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) /

The featured films were more diverse than ever, in my humble opinion. We were treated to the masterpiece that is Train to Busan, to the artistic (but fan polarizing) Audition and then subjected to the decidedly less artistic (or even coherent) Sledgehammer and Things, both presented in glorious VHS format.

Some of us finally got to see the 1960 version of The Little Shop of Horrors for the first time, as well as be introduced to Fried Barry when it made its debut as a Shudder Exclusive. And cult favorites were not ignored. Bride of Re-Animator was screened, and so were Mother’s Day, Humanoids from the Deep and Ginger Snaps.

Sure, there were plenty of featured flicks that I had seen before, but there were also some that I had never heard of. I was completely unfamiliar with Class of 1984, but I really enjoyed it. I had seen Humanoids from the Deep and Dead and Buried back in the day, but I didn’t remember much about them, and I loved watching Train to Busan again, this time with Joe Bob’s special brand of commentary.

Darcy showed off some great cosplay during The Last Drive-In too. The standouts were Mother from Mother’s Day, pink-haired Patsy from Class of 1984, Audition’s Asami and, most unexpected of all, a Blockbuster employee. Yes, Darcy showed up in khaki pants and a Blockbuster polo shirt.

Still, she saved the best for last, and her Audrey costume for The Little Shop of Horrors was spot-on. Admittedly, she was the blonde Ellen Greene Audrey from the 1986 musical version rather than the brunette Audrey from the original, but she even had an Audrey II in hand.

Now fans of The Last Drive-In will have to wait to hear news of upcoming specials; will there be another summer special, like the one we were treated to last year? It’s expected that the holiday specials will continue, but the big question is this: Will Joe Bob, Darcy, Yuki and the rest of the gang be returning for a fourth season? Let’s hope Shudder gives us a resounding “YES” sooner rather than later.

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What would you like to see on a possible fourth season of The Last Drive-In? Give us your wish list in the comments section, we want to hear from our Joe Bob fans.