Summer of chills continues on Shudder in July

Luke David Blum as David - Son - Photo Credit: Philip Dembinski/Shudder
Luke David Blum as David - Son - Photo Credit: Philip Dembinski/Shudder /
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Son – Photo Credit: Philip Dembinski/Shudder /

More horror coming to Shudder in July

July 7:

Pledge Night –Heavy metal band Anthrax provided the soundtrack for this 1990 slasher flick, in which the vengeful spirit of a former pledge wreaks bloody havoc on college fraternity members during Hell Week 20 years later.  Anthrax lead singer Joey Belladonna plays a younger version of “Acid Sid”, the deceased pledge.

Sorority House Massacre – Continuing with the college theme, sorority pledge Beth and a handful of sisters stay at the sorority house over a holiday weekend. You know what happens, a killer begins to stalk and kill the girls, and Beth finds out she has a strange connection with him.

Day of the Dead – In the third film of the Night of the Living Dead series, a handful of scientists and soldiers hunker down in a bunker in Florida. The group begins to experiment with the idea of rehabilitating the undead. A lovable zombie named Bub is the standout in this film.

Horsehead –Jessica has suffered from horrible nightmares for as long as she can remember. After her grandmother’s death, Jessica travels to her funeral and stays overnight in her family home, where she encounters her grandmother in a nightmare. Afterward, she decides to explore lucid dreaming to unlock the mysteries of her family history.

July 8:

Son (Shudder Original, also available on Shudder CA, UK and ANZ) – Laura and her eight-year-old son David live a quiet life until she wakes up one night to find a group of strangers standing around David’s bed. Afterward, David becomes ill, and no one can figure out why. Laura makes the decision to leave town with her son, but what exactly are they fleeing? Son features Andi Matichak (Halloween 2018) and Emile Hirsch (The Autopsy of Jane Doe).

July 12:

Messiah of Evil –Arletty travels to a beach town to look for her missing artist father, but when she arrives at Point Dume, she finds his house abandoned. After she comes across his diary, a strange and ominous story starts to unfold.

Carnival of Souls – After Mary is involved in a car accident, she moves to another town, where she is strangely drawn to an abandoned carnival.

Piranha – Roger Corman produced this 1978 film, in which deadly genetically altered piranha are released in the waters at a summer resort. Sharp teeth and much bloodshed ensue.

Straight Edge Kegger – Set in the world of the hardcore punk scene, Straight Edge Kegger is about a young punk named Brad, who attends a party. All hell breaks loose when masked intruders show up, determined to kill everyone in sight.

July 13:

White Girl – Beth is a fifteen-year-old girl, lost on the streets of London. As she interacts with people in the city, dark truths are revealed.

Separation – After artist Jeff’s wife is killed in a violent accident, he and young daughter Jenny begin to see strange creatures that look like the subjects of Jeff’s paintings.

July 15:

The Call (Shudder Exclusive, also available on Shudder CA) – Edith Cranston (Lin Shaye) is a former schoolteacher who was suspected of killing one of her students. When a group of teens continuously prank and bully her, she commits suicide. The teens are summoned by Edith’s husband (Tobin Bell), who promises to pay them handsomely if they can remain on a phone line connected to Edith’s casket.